“If Our Son Can’t Get into Harvard, I’ll Kill You”, the Wife Was Indicted for Threatening Him

With NO extra pieces of evidence, we can’t conclude on what happened here, but this still just shows, how women can also BE abusers of their relationships, that they’re not, only victims! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The plastic surgeon, Du was suspected of being threatened by the wife, Yeh, who’d deserted him, “I will kill you”, “You will be in life-threatening danger”, reason being, “if our child doesn’t go to Harvard…”, he’d managed to record the threats as evidence, and, after the analysis made by the investigation bureau, that it wasn’t, altered, the son also stepped up as a key witness, the Shihlin D.A.’s Offices indicted Yeh on threats.

Based off of understanding, during the time of the D.A.’s investigative measures, they’d allowed Du to discuss with Yeh if they want a divorce, but, there wasn’t, any definite results; several times, Yeh pressed charges against her husband’s abuse, and the case is still pending investigation.

The D.A.’s investigations found, that Dr. Du had been married many years, and lives in Beitou, has a son and a daughter with his wife, and he and his wife, Yeh, had often argued on matters of household chores, as well as the education of their children.

On an early morning hours of August two years ago, the two started spatting over the discipline of their elementary age son, Yeh became all worked up, screamed in front of her son, “You want me to kill you?  If our two children don’t go to Harvard, I will KILL you!”  “You had better be watching your back, because I will kill you”  “If they don’t go to Harvard, it’s over, not just in divorce, but I will, MURDER you, you will constantly be in life-threatening danger from me.”

Du presented the recordings as evidence at court, as the D.A. opened trial, Yeh admitted, that it was her voice on the recordings, but claimed, “the recordings were edited, and it wasn’t like my husband said.”; she’d stated, that it’d been too long ago, she couldn’t recall exactly what happened in the fight.

Du pointed out, that other than using verbal threats, his wife had threatened him with scissors, beaten him with her fists; the son also testified, that his mother had, threatened his father, and had beaten him up multiple times, mutilated herself with a knife, and that afterwards, his father took the knife and hid it somewhere.

So, this is a case, with the woman being the ABUSER, and, we can only guess at what had happened thus far in this marriage of theirs, or, perhaps, we can, conclude, that it’s, better, that this marriage breaks, for both the husband, the wife, as well as the children too!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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