She’d Accompanied Her Autistic Son to College, and on His Graduation, She Was, Given an Award

The dedication of this mother, toward her own autistic son’s education is amazing, really!  From the Newspapers, translated…

The student, Hsu from the Tourism & Travel Major from Asia University, Hsu was diagnosed with autism, but, with his mother’s accompanying him, he’d worked hard, for four years on end, finally successfully finished his studies, the school, due to his excellent scholastic performances, not only did the school award him for his grades, but also for his hardworking mannerism, and gave his mother, Tseng, the “President’s Specialty Award” too, to commend her for not giving up, working alongside her son, so her son was able to achieve scholastic excellence.

亞洲大學校長蔡進發(左)頒發校長特別獎給學生徐承暘(右)的母親曾陵珍(中),表揚...the mother in the middle, the dean on left, the son on right, photo from…

As Tseng went on stage to receive her award, her son went up and hugged her, stated loudly, “Mom, thank you!”, it’d made her teary-eyed.  She was, also, very supportive of her son when he’d told her that he’d wanted to earn his master’s too, said, that so long as he wanted to keep going in his studies, she will, accompany him in it.

Toward her years of hard work, Tseng said, “the BEST form of support for a child with autism is accompaniment, with a little more concerns, the child makes enormous progress.”

She said, when her son was only two years old, he was, diagnosed with autism, was especially afraid of the wind, and the rain, at three, he couldn’t quite speak yet, but, from his elementary years, she’d, accompanied him to school every single day.  For the four years of university, he’d driven her son to Wufeng from Taichung every single day, she’d even helped him taken notes for his courses, and became an “underground member” of his class, and she’d even assisted with the gratitude banquet for the professors, “For the sake of my son, no matter how hard, I will, shoulder it.”

Tseng said, these past two years, her husband went to China to work, she’d shouldered up the responsibilities for raising her own son, and what’s amazing was, her son did well in his school work, and, his condition turned from severe to mild.  Her son loved drawing out maps, and is excellent in reciting the buildings, and the streets, he has a photographic memory, she’d hoped, that this quality of his, can be put to his work later on after he’d graduated.

So, this showed this mother’s dedication, because her son is a special needs student, and so, to make him feel secure, she’d, accompanied by his side as he received his education, and, it’s with this mother’s accompanying her son, the son was able to, graduate.


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