A Man Who Was Sponsored by Taiwanese Fund for Children & Family Became a Business Owner, and Didn’t Forget about the Assistance He’d Received from the Foundation

A story of giving back to the community, from the Newspapers, translated…

Ming-Feng Hsiao’s father died very young, he was raised by his grandparents, and the Taiwan Fund for Children and Family, after high school graduation, he’d entered into a relative’s factory to work, while he was serving his armed services term, he’d, accumulated the funds for starting up his own business.  After he became successful in business, he’d, returned back to his roots, became a sponsor of the Miaoli chapter of the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families, not only is he sponsoring children from lower economic households, to give back, he’d also become, a role model for the children he’d sponsored too.

After Hsiao graduated from high school, he’d started working in his relative’s factory, this period was the turning point in his life, he’d not only gotten a better understanding of how operating a factory worked, the wrapping for shipments, and sales, “I can do everything inside the factory!”, because he saw that those who’d worked in the factory made measly money, that the real profit was made by the trading companies, the brand sellers, he’d started thinking of developing a brand himself.

宏竝董事長蕭明峯深覺發展自有品牌才是根本。 記者黃寅/攝影photo of the man, with the goods his company manufactures, from UDN.com…

He’d saved most of his pay from his armed services days, and on the holidays and weekends, he’d gone to the factory to work too, he’d managed to save a total of half-a-million dollars while in the services, with his three other investments, he’d rented a huge factory space in Dali after he finished serving his armed services terms.

After he’d passed through the beginning period of not getting enough orders, for the twenty-two years his factory’s been up and running, the space increased to seven times its original size, the capital of his company grew to three hundred million dollars N.T, became a partner to various international household product company.

Hsiao told, that from before, he’d received help from the Foundation, he’d been the taker, and now, he will take the opportunity, use his age to his advantage, to set up his own brand, to make his enterprise grow, so he can start, giving back too, he can look after his employees, as well as help more of the children that the Taiwan Fund for Children & Family helps out too, to keep this cycle of love going.

So, this, is the thought of a man, who’d received help from a not-for-profit organization, and now that he’d become successfully, he’d felt compelled, to, give back to the organization, to help sponsor more children like him, to pass on the love, the drive to help out, and I’m sure, that the children he’d sponsored will be grateful like him, and chances are, that they too, will be repaying the kindness of this foundation in their own ways when they can too!


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