Doubting Her Husband’s Fidelity, Living Apart from Him

In need, of expert advice, on relationship here, a Q&A, translated…

Q: Worrying about Her Husband’s Fidelity, Living Apart from Him for Eleven Years…

Mrs. C lived apart from her husband, her husband started working in China eleven years ago, she’d stayed in Taiwan with her children, to work too; C stated, that she’d lost her job in February, and wanted to move to China to be with her husband, but her husband was, quite unenthusiastic about it, it’d made her feel defeated.

The couple had lived separately for so long now, and, although Mrs. C’s husband showed no sign that he was having an extramarital affair, but, there was, an assistant who’s worked alongside him for five, six years who is, very close to him.  As C’s husband come back to Taiwan, he’d always bring some things for her, and, she’d asked him to get things for her too.  In April, as her husband returned back to Taiwan again, C snuck a peek at her husband’s cell phone, and grilled him about his interaction with his assistant, C’s husband was displeased how she was, spying on him, but, he’d, tried to explain the contents of their correspondences.  He said, that C was imagining things.  If, that’s the case, then, it would be, all right, but, could he, really be, cheating on her?  Thinking about how unenthusiastic her husband was, about the family getting together as a whole, it’d, made C totally, distrust him now.

A My Advice:

Whether or not you believed him, you don’t have a job anymore, and, there’s, this, supposed enemy, you should, face the facts right now, and, get to the bottom of the truth of it all.  I’m not saying, that C should be a half-crazed woman, as she roused up fights with her husband, instead, she should, pipe down, and observe him closely, to see if, he really is, getting too close, with someone else.  And, whether if he was, seeing someone or not, she should, maintain her cool, and, manage, to get MORE money from her husband for her and her own son to live off; if there wasn’t an affair, then, it is, the best, then, use ways, to get your husband who’s been separated from you so long back to you.  If you are very diligent, and can find a job you’re good at, then, do right ahead, just, jump in, and, you may have, found a brand new set of skies, and, you’ll be able to, help your husband too.

Your husband is seemingly mild-tempered, and, if you are softer too, then, the love you once shared will be, back, soon enough.

So, this, is what happens, when our husbands (1 @ a time!!!) works away from our geographic regions, they are going to, be in the midst of a TON of temptation, especially with ALL the stories we’d all heard, of how after men started working across the seas, they keep two families, one in Taiwan, one in China, and, it makes a woman worry, and, this woman just suspects that her husband is starting to, cheat on her, but, before ANY solid evidence presented itself to her, she should just, DO what she does best, keep her home well, after all, that, is what a man wants, a woman who looks after his household well, so he can, not worry about the goings-on at home, and just, focus on his work!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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