A Child Who’d Skipped Home, to Find His Birthfather

A judge who’d reunited the kid with his own birth parents, and the kid stopped, behaving badly since, translated…

The judge, from the Highest Executive Courts, Jing-Ben Lin recently retired, he had, so many stories to tell, a couple of days ago, I was more than blessed, to hear him tell the tales of the cases that he oversaw, which moved him.

One of them was like this: while he’d worked in the juvenile courts in Changwha, there was a youth, an eleven-year-old elementary school student, with a ton of misdemeanors, and no large-scale crimes, most were thefts, he’d shoplifted through an assortment of wholesales places, super convenience stores.  He sorted through the reports of the child’s thefts one by one, and found, that he’d shoplifted foods each and every time, he was curious, called in the child’s legal guardian, and, the guardian’s reports had, shocked the judge—this repeated thief kept up the first highest scores in his schoolwork.

But, there were, the evidence of this kid’s crimes, and, he couldn’t get away, with a not guilty verdict, but, the child, being so outstanding and excellent in school, something, must’ve gone wrong.  Turns out, that this child was an adopted child, his adoptive father, who’s a police officer had, just about, given up, on having him do right.

Judge Lin warned this kid, if you keep this up, I will have to, send you, into juvenile detention!  The kid told him, that he’d rather be in juvenile detention, than to go home!  So, he’s a kid who’s, skipped home, it’s a wonder, he’d always, shoplifted foods, “Do you know who your birthparents were?”, the kid replied, “I’d been taken from them when I was an infant, how could I possibly know?”  “Once I saw the information in my adoptive father’s desk drawers, so, I’d, written it down.”

Judge Lin used the police search systems, found the child’s family of origin, they lived in Taichung, the father was a retired serviceman, he’d sent the notices, to have him come to court immediately.  And so, at the next court sessions, a case of family ethics played on.

Judge Lin asked the adoptive father, this kid doesn’t feel connected to you enough, why don’t you just, give him back to his own parents to raise, you’d be without this, heavy burden yourself?  The adoptive father said, fine, but, he wasn’t going to, just let the eleven years’ of raising this child be naught, he’d named a price.  The birthfather, however, said, that he couldn’t, afford the amount, that if he’d had the money, he wouldn’t have given his son away in the first place.  After much discussion, they’d both agreed on the amount of “$30,000N.T.s”.

And, it seemed, that the adoptive parents felt, more relaxed, took the $30,000N.T. and were about to leave, but, the child dropped to his knees in court!  His kneeling down, wasn’t to thank his adoptive parents for raising him, but toward the judge.  The child cried and told, that he’d committed a crime, but, the judge had, helped him find his mom and dad back, and placed him back with them now.  This kid got the lightest sentence, for his crimes at the end, left for Taichung with his own birthparents, and, stop being a big trouble again.

So, this child’s misbehaviors are for the sake, of getting back with his birthparents, maybe, because his adoptive parents never really loved him, because he wasn’t theirs, that, was why he’d started, misbehaving, and became this huge headache for them, and yet, this judge was wise enough, to turn this kid over, BACK to his birthparents, and this, is a happy ending for the families.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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