The Most Heartwarming Last Will

What you hope to leave behind after you die, translated…

I’d once thumbed across a very tiny article, on how a long-time Hollywood director had passed away, and, he’d listed sixty-six names on his will, mandated that his assets be split among the persons, and requested, that they all take their husband or wife out for a hearty meal.

In the passage of our lives, there may be several wise, meaningful wills, some were very respected, some, full of love, some, heartfelt, some, funny, but, there were, only, limited number of wills which are very heartwarming, and creative such as this one.

not my photograph…

From the age of this senior movie director, most of his old friend are probably middle-aged or elderly; and, when we get to this point, marriage usually lost its heat, and, we’d started, defining ourselves based off of our social roles, slowly, forgot, that we are, a man or a woman, that we’d needed, that romance as a couple. This senior director had, set it up, had, awakened that scent of romanticism in his elderly friends that’s become, dormant over the years, to get them to start thinking, how long’s it been, since I took my husband or wife out to eat?

Or maybe, this elderly director had, lost his wife, and, he was only, reminding his dear friends, to cherish the spouses that they still have. To walk with them, hand in hand, until the end. And, I do believe, those who’s accepted this gift, as they’d, gone out to dine, they will surely, be remembering the things he’d accomplished while he was still alive. There’s an English proverb, “The old wood are good for burning, the old wine, tasty, the old friend, dependable”. Such, an accurate statement!

Although he wasn’t that famous, and, I’d forgotten his name, and couldn’t find out which films he’d made, but, for him to be able to set up his last will like this, I’m sure, that he must, be outstanding in some ways, and, he must’ve had a huge show on his own stage of life, and, after he’d taken his last bow, he’d still left sixty-six touching “reality shows”.

not my photo…

Turns out, that the last will doesn’t need to be grandiose, dignified and just, it can be, heartwarming, and humorous too!

So, this movie director’s last will gave us all an alternative on how we want to leave this world, and, his purpose for leaving the money for his old friends is probably to remind them, that they should, cherish spending more time with their wives or husbands (1@ a time), because your spouses (1@ a time!), is someone who will, go with you for the long-run, hopefully!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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