Preparing for th Future with Dreams

Finding that calling in life, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d often asked my students, “What are you going to do after you graduate?”, the answer I got were usually, “I’m not sure yet!”, “Still thinking!” “I want to select, some sort of a long-term career option.”, from time to time, the students would mention how they’re interested in the various areas, but, almost none of them speak of their dreams. I’d often wondered, if I continue this conversation with them, even IF they’d not have a clue what their dreams entailed, but, they will be, led, to contemplate the questions that’s important for their future.

not my photograph…

As the younger generations talked of their future career options, they’d mostly considered occupations, jobs, making money, and this, is a dangerous way of thought, in this future of unknowns and uncertainties, there are, going to be a lot of people who will be, losing their jobs, without ANY previous warnings, without the ability, to switch tracks, and, those who are luckier, will be forced, to accept a job that earns a whole lot lower, and this, would be, the most important cause of how the rich and the poor become even more separated, those with higher technical skills, are what the society needs the most, and, there’s, that lower income for those without the advantage of a special set of skills, and they risk being replaced at any given time.

The jobs we’re familiar with right now wont’ disappear, but what these jobs required, will change greatly. A few professional chess players can’t beat a computer, meaning, that there would, surely, be a sharp decline in professional chess players; when the virtual reality technologies become more and more developed, and allowed people to bask themselves in the artifacts of the eras without visiting the museums, the guides in the museums would surely, be obsolete; with the preciseness of the translation services software, the translators would have to use the software to help them with the preliminaries translations, then, use ones’ own abilities, to make up for the lacking in the systems. These trends are, happening, in all the corners of the world right now, nobody can avoid it.

The world changed too fast to the point of being totally unpredictable, and, people stated, “The only thing we are sure of, is the uncertainties!”, so, what sort of a person can live well, in this totally, unpredictable future? Someone who makes progresses constantly, someone who’s very adept in adapting, but, what kind of a person, can keep maintaining this sort of constantly adapting, constantly, changing?

Those with their own dreams.

the future, rests on these younger generation of people…not my photograph…

If a person’s dreams consisted of only having work, and, after you’d started working, you’d, lost your goal, and, after you start work, you’d, wanted a promotion, and, after you’re promoted, you’d, discovered, that the company you work for is about, to go under; you are, already, DETACHED from reality!

So, work or occupation, may not work well, as an idealistic dream, you’d needed to have, a higher level of ambition, and beliefs too, to get yourselves out of that frame of mind of working, and, if you naturally cared about the goings on around the world, you’re not only learning how to survive in your field of work, but also, learning the needed skills that will carry you far in today’s world, with that ability to make the adaptations, as the world changes, you will surely be able to, adapt better and more quickly, compared to the rest.

You need dreams, in order to be passionate, which will then, spark that love of learning, and this sort of an innate, never-ending desire to learn, is the key to the survival of man. In an era of unknowns, someone with the passions to continue growing, is the person, who is, prepared for the futures.

IF a teacher’s dream is to continue to teach the next generation of students who will make more contributions to the world, she would surely, never stop thinking about the changes that her students would encounter, and, chasing the new knowledge will then, become her daily life, and constantly tweaking her syllabus, her methods of instruction to her students would be, normal for her; if the dream is only to be a teacher, at first, you may hold that passion for working, but, after awhile, teaching becomes, a way to make a living, nothing more.

Maybe you have yet, to find your own dreams, it’s okay, but, that process of finding out what you’re passionate about is already, burning brightly inside, as your dreams slowly formed, that small spark will get turned into, a huge blaze, like that hot air balloon, making yourself rise constantly, bringing hopes to others.

So, this is on the difference of finding a calling, versus fining a job, and, there is, that huge difference, like the article suggested, the factor of being passionate about what you do, and, that, is what’s missing, for this next generation of newly graduate students, they’re only, looking for a way, to live off of, instead, of finding that job that they loved doing, that they’re, passionate about to work in.


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