Nostalgic Times Under that Acacia Tree

These were, our most, cherished childhood memories we had, come to share, translated…

I grew up in the countryside, there was this small hill behind my home, with a ton of acacia trees planted there, it was also, my childhood playground

There was a playmate who was a couple of years older than I was, called, whom I’d called “company”, she was adopted, because her adoptive parents didn’t have any children, that, was why they’d adopted her, for “company”, hence her name. She was tall and strong, and, on the weekends, I’d followed her up to the hilltops to graze the cattle. We’d played there, and often climbed atop those acacia trees, found ourselves a thick-enough branch, to sit on, or to lay on, to rest. The acacia tree was huge and strong, unlike how frail the willow trees are, nor are they shaped like the pines, the acacia trees are sturdy, giving that sense of being able to rely on it.

how they’d spent their afternoons in childhood…photo from online…

We’d from time to time, climb onto the acacia, break off the smaller twigs with the leaves, sniffed that special scent that it’s carried; we would sit and chat underneath the tree too. Although Ban was adopted, her parents really loved her so, back then, the group of us kids all played together, but, I’d felt that Ban was especially close to my eldest brother. “The boy rode along on the wooden horses, the girl ushered him with green plums” was what they were like together, the neighbors even caught them having gone on dates too!

I’m guessing, that Ban must’ve liked my older brother some, because she would ask me about him in a round-and-about kind of way, as we’d chatted about him, she’d started blushing, with that scent of bliss about her, and, would intentionally avoid the subjects of my eldest brother, but, I could sense how much she’d enjoyed chatting about him. When Ban and I were hanging out, she would look toward the distance, and it seemed, that she wasn’t, speaking directly to me, on the things she was, speaking about. “The acacia trees, hear all of our missing one another so, I’d missed the man I loved, and, hated that he doesn’t know, that I missed him so”. Ban was pouring her heart out to the acacia trees. We’d, laughed and played along, a gentle breeze blew by, the leaves on the acacia trees rustled, like they’re, replying to us, and like, they’re, making fun of us too.

Later on, Ban dropped out before she’d finished her middle school education, and didn’t continue with my eldest brother what they’d shared before. On the year she’d turned eighteen, Ban followed the wishes of her adoptive mother, married the older cousin who was living in the next village. And now, I’d lost contact with her for years, and yet, every time I’d recalled those days of our youths, I’d wondered, if that young woman who’d spoken of her nostalgia, her love for someone, is she, all right?

this, was how they’d spent their childhood togehter…photo from online…

So, this, is how one remembers one’s childhood best friend, and, because this other girl was adopted, therefore, she may have been told, and expected to follow the orders of the family who’d adopted her, which was why she’d not continued being in love with the narrator’s older brother, and, thankfully, this girl’s adoptive parents cherished her so, because not every person who was adopted was so lucky.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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