The Totem of Loneliness for Children

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the sectional exams, during this time when the students awaited for their grades to get posted and to fill out their choices of majors, they all just want to, party hard. The school set up a pizza baking event, with the instructors showing the students how.

I worked alongside my class yesterday in pizza making, and thought, that there seemed to be a student missing, that, was when my coworker told me, that Wei from his class had skipped classes for two days now, he’d phoned the parents, the parents had no clue where their son was. My coworker patted away the flour on him, said, in a heartfelt manner, that Wei seemed disinterested in ALL the courses offered in class, including the graduation trip, he’d not wanted to take part in either. Wei was from a cross-generation family, since in his elementary years, he’d lived with his grandparents. And in school, he’d rarely, socialized with his fellow classmates.

imagine how this young woman feels…not my photograph…

In order to shorten the distance, my coworker added Wei as a friend on his Facebook, once he’d shown me a photo, I was thrilled, because there was, a huge tattoo on his left shoulder, it felt like a traditional goddess from traditional Taiwanese culture. He’d asked me what may have, compelled Wei to do this? And what it’d meant? I thought for a while, stated, “Maybe he just felt lonely, and, with this tattoo, it brings him the sense of security he’d desperately needed?”

As adolescents, children all want to be affirmed and be cared for. Or maybe, that Wei believed he couldn’t get his parents to care for him, and that the friends he ran with all had tattoos, in order to get accepted by the group of friends, that, was why he’d, gotten it, and it is actually, a mark of loneliness.

I’d asked if Wei could graduate this year? My coworker shook his head, Wei already flunked FOUR academic courses, it seemed, that he is only going to receive, a course-finish diploma.

feeling all alone, and nobody understands…not my photo…

The moment the pizzas were out, the aromas spread, the students all wanted to taste the results of their own hard work. But, my coworker and I were thinking, where is Wei now? These delicious pizzas, and the passions from his classmates, may not be able to, resolve that missing piece inside of him, along with, easing his loneliness, maybe, he’d needed someone, who’d made him feel this way at the very start, to help him resolve it?

So, this, is on a troubled teen, and, this kid that was missing from the class was just one of many students who felt lost, and with that lack of sense of belonging, had strayed off of the correct paths, and, most of the times, after these teens started straying off the right paths, they won’t get back on track, until, it’s way too late…

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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