The Debate on Same-Sex Marriage & the Group of Migrated Spouses

On the expressions of an opinion, translated…

As I was penning this article, Taiwan already became the very FIRST country in Asia that approved of same-sex marriages by the Grand Judge, all of my gays and lesbians were celebratory, but recently, something happened, that I felt compelled to tell about.

On the afternoon of May 19th, the Anti-Same-Sex Marriage’s “Stars of the Skies Anti-Drugs League” had its members gather below the United Funds Building and protested, they attempted to get the foundation to stop funding the “Homosexual Hotlines” to stop them from hosting seminars on related matters, they’d come there especially, to ask the supports for not funding this particular group, or, they threatened, to get the public to stop their donations.

This was originally not a big deal, because supporting or being against homosexuals, everybody in the society has a right, to express one’s own opinions, but that day there was a foreign male who claimed to have married a Taiwanese woman, he’d entered into this protest, and expressed his anti-homosexual beliefs; this man’s words were, made into a film, then started going viral on various anti-homosexual and pro-homosexual groups on FB.

Not long thereafter, a member from the online community who was supportive of same-sex marriages posted the footage to a “Supporting the Migrant Workers” FB group, this group was set up by the service unit of the locals in Taoyuan who showed great support over the rights of migratory workers, it was a site, where the group of us, who’d often come in contact with migrant workers would post on there, and, we’d gotten along, quite well for a long time, until the person who’d supported same-sex marriages had, broken the harmony.

After the person reposted the footage into the FB group, he’d started leaving messages of rants, constantly criticized how this male foreigner deserves to die for his anti-homosexual beliefs, and the usages of words were totally irrational, he’d even stated, “if you are not onboard, supportive of same-sex marriages, then, get OUT of Taiwan!”, and some other awful words.

Putting aside the motives for rehashing the video footage, there were, actually members of this “Support for Migratory Workers” group who are supportive of same-sex marriages, and they’d felt awful, that this male foreigner was, ranting incessantly, and slowly, there were, those who don’t believe his opinions are sound who’d, stood up and tried to tell him to stop insulting homosexuals. But, this foreign man didn’t stop, instead, he’d started, labeling those who’d stepped up and told him to stop as “Pro-Homos”, and they’d started going to war in this group of theirs, for a full day and a full night.

Although I’m an outsider, but, with my experiences of interacting with migrated groups, there were, those who would DIE before accepting same-sex marriages (especially the Christians), and there are also, Pro-Homosexuals too (Like the Sisterhood of Southeast Asia in Taiwan). Actually, the migratory population in Taiwan had surpassed half a million, everybody is from different nations, with various cultures, religious beliefs, it’s quite common, for these individuals, to carry differences of opinions on the subjects. The point is, whether they’re for or against same-sex marriages, nobody deserves, to tell them to get OUT of Taiwan; or maybe, that person who’d pro same-sex marriages felt, that the foreign man was using bad, insulting words, it’d made him feel uncomfortable, without realizing, that what he did afterwards, was equally low too.

Besides, although there are, numerous groups that supported same-sex marriages, but not a lot of people are, putting in the work needed, to explain to these newly migrated spouses what exactly is, “same-sex marriages”? Are there translations of same-sex marriages into various languages? If this wasn’t even done yet, then, the act of asking the migrated spouses to accept same ex marriage, or, telling someone to get out of Taiwan from one small video footage, this, in my belief, is discrimination, the WORST kind!

Although I am supportive of same-sex marriages, but, I do hope, that the way the member from online expressed her/his sentiments of support for same-sex marriages is a last case.

So, how you conveyed your opinions on various matters is what’s important, you must state your disagreement in a non-insulting way, otherwise, you would’ve, offended so many people, like this foreign male who’s against same-sex marriages.


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