An Improper Posting on FB Made Harvard Retract the Acceptance Letters of High School Students

Not knowing what, constitute, as IMPROPER in joking, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Facebook Site Set Up for Freshmen with the Postings of the Holocaust, Photos of Child Abuse, and the Articles Causing at Least TEN Newly Admitted Freshmen to Lose Their Acceptance to the School.

Receiving letters of acceptance from Harvard is a great news for high school students who’d worked hard for the past four years in the U.S. There were, at least TEN freshmen who were already admitted into Harvard, because of their improper postings of articles, photographs, they’d gotten their admittance tossed out.

the quality of students now isn’t what it used to be…photo found online…

Crimson, the Harvard’s student’s newspapers reported on the fourth, that a group of students who’d received the admittance notices to Harvard grouped themselves together last December, set up the “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens” group on Facebook, they’d started making fun of rape, the Nazi Holocaust, and insulted the minorities, as well as photos and articles on child abuse.

Each year after Harvard posted the acceptance lists, they’d always set up a Facebook account for the group, so the students can exchange their life’s experiences. The problematic FB group was from the “Class of 2021”, the group requested that the members who want to be admitted to post photos and articles of controversial subjects before they’re admitted into the group.

The twenty-one year-old freshman, Chang said, the postings were just for kicks, later on, someone in the group suggested that they start posting X-rated contents, and that, was when the group went south.

and this, is what it looks like now, photo from online…

Based off of the webpage taken off by Crimson, some of the students joked on how abusing children can add to their levels of libidos; some mocked and made fun of minority groups; there was a posting that stated, “If Mexican kids hung themselves in school”, with the caption of the photograph, “Piñata Time”, there were also, a lot of sexually illicit photographs and articles too.

After the University of Harvard found out about this Facebook page, they’d sent e-mails out this April, requesting the students who’d uploaded the improper photos to tell the officials which photos they’d sent out, and, stated, that due to how the admissions department is now, reviewing their acceptances, to have them not come to the freshmen orientations. About a week later, Harvard retracted the admittances of at least TEN students in the group, and stated, that it was a final decision, that it can’t be, appealed.

racist jokes 的圖片結果some else that”s RACIST…found online…

A freshman at Harvard, Luca believed, that the school’s way of handling the matter is to tell everybody, that “you can’t do as you want to, after being admitted into Harvard”. Harvard’s actions showed how the universities and colleges across the U.S. is taking matters about sexual assaults and sexual harassments more and more seriously by the day.

So what the F*** are these students thinking of? Apparently, that just showed, how this NEXT generation (who will eventually, BE running this god DAMN world that we are currently living in???) has NO sensitivity of what is jokable, and what isn’t! This also showed, the declines in the education OF character in schools, not just in the U.S., but all over the rest of the world too, and, because this next generation lacked the sensitivity, the awareness of everything else other than themselves (self-centered???), that, is why the outlook FOR this entire freakin’ planet, is not looking good!


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