Household Work IS Everybody’s Work

Division of household chores, this, is very important, and this woman trained her husband AND her son well on it! Translated…

Back when my son was in the elementary years, one day as he arrived home from school, he’d looked at me confused and asked, “Mom, why do all my classmates say that it’s their moms who do the dishes at home, but I’d never seen you do it, I thought, that dishes are dad’s to do?”

like this…not my photograph…

Surely, in our house, we’d worked with a division of chores. We’d influenced our son, so, to the belief of “girls should do the chores, while boys watch T.V. or study” became, odd to him.

The divisions of chores, this got started on the first day I was married. I cook, my husband cleaned up afterwards; with our son, as he’d entered into the middle school years, he took over the dishes after the meals, my husband was in charge of preparing the aftermeal fruits, I, on the side, replying to my messages online. When I’d done the laundry (tossing the wash in………), my son would hang the washed clothes up to dry, my husband took over in taking the done clothes inside and folding them; I’m responsible for sorting and reading through the mails, saving what needed to be saved, tossing away what needed to be tossed, my husband in charge of taking out the trash, destroying the classified information.

A first-timer here…not my cartoon

The tidiness of our house was in the hands of the household helper from the Wan-Ru Peng Foundation. From before when we’d done everything, my son was responsible for his own bedroom and the bathroom he’d used, I, our room and the balcony, my husband responsible for the living room, the study, and the kitchen. Because we’re all too busy, the end result was, awful, we’d gotten around to mopping the floors once every month, the tile in the bathrooms went from white to grayish. We’d worked like this for several years, and decided that this wasn’t going well, that it’s more practical, to find someone to help out. I’d still remembered, that as the household helper made our bathroom tiles shone like they were new, how ecstatic we all were!

My son now lives on his own, can do everything, cooking, laundry, fixing the toilet, cleaning, sewing up his own buttons………everything, he’d done on his own, as his mother, I’d felt very proud. Whether it be sons or daughters, I believe, that in order to survive, is something that’s needed, for people to mature into being. So, sometimes, there would be odd reports on the news of “new age good men who helps around the house with chores”, all of those, seemingly progressive views, actually, is still based on the biases of “chores are women’s to do”, and it’s, debatable.

Household chores are EVERY member of the family’s responsibilities! Nobody’s helping anybody else out, we are all, helping ourselves!

So, this breaks the traditional beliefs about household chores, especially currently, many of us women work our separate nine-to-fives outside our homes, and if you men don’t chip in and help around the house, then, something BAD well happen to the marriages, because everything WILL become, unbalanced, and this mother had, trained her husband, as well as her own son well, by having them work in their separate shares of household chores, after all, it is, only right, as we are all part of our families, and so, doing the chores would be, natural, wouldn’t it???


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