Walking Out of Her Divorce, Angel Han Wants to Lover Herself More

Reflections on everything that’s happened in her life so far, the actress’s own accord on her own life, from the Entertainment Sections, translated…

Back when her divorce happened, she felt it was, the stain in her life, and now, she’d become, very optimistic toward life, as she’d recalled her experience of being sexually harassed back in her middle school years, she’d cried and stated, “That evil man rubbed himself up against me!”

Back in October of 2015, after Angel Han agreed to get divorced from Tony Sun, she’d slowly, gotten out of the glooms of losing her marriage, to perform in the new nighttime primetime on Sanli Television, “We are a Family”, she’d told the press of her experiences, stated, that divorce was a “stain on her life”, believed it to be a bad record on her life, and even worried, that she may never be married again, but gladly, time had, healed the wounds, and now, she’d become, more optimistic, although she’s not against starting a brand new love, but believed that falling in love is troubling business, that she’d rather, have more love for herself.

a photo of the actress, from online…the still from a soap here.韓瑜 的圖片結果

She’d disclosed that so much about her had changed after she divorced, from before, she was a woman, willing, to give EVERYTHING for love, and now, she can, live without romance, with the failures in love that she’d had, if she were to come in contact with brand new chances for romance, she’d told herself to be more cautious, and she’d worried how the outside world might interpret her being in love as “couldn’t withstand the loneliness”, so she’d placed all her attention on work.

As she’d talked about her divorce, Angel didn’t cry, but, as she’d talked about how she was, sexually harassed back in her middle school years, she’d started, crying hard. She’d told, that back in her middle school years, an unknown man had, rubbed up against her back, and ejaculated onto her, back then, she’d felt, truly embarrassed of how she’d allowed it to happen, she’d immediately rung the bell to get off, “there was a female passenger who saw, she’d turned her face away, with that look of disgust in her eyes, nobody was there, to save me………”, she said, that she’d not mentioned this part of her past, to get more attention, but as a process of healing herself, if back then, someone had, stood up for her, it would’ve gotten the perpetrator the punishment he’d deserved, and the victim justice.

So, this, is how this woman became mature, she’d gone through the trials of her life, being sexually molested by some unknown stranger on the bus, with nobody there, to offer her a helping hand, and, she’d gotten a divorce for a man whom she’d fallen in love with too, and yet, she’s still, standing tall, as any good woman should!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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