The Trained Caretakers Didn’t Have Enough Knowledge of Dementia, Causing the Gaps in the Breather Handing Off

As this, is only, a newly set up policy, there’s, not that much resources available to people who need it! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Ms. Kuo took care of her mildly demented husband long term, she had a spinal condition and needed to go to rehab long-term, and for this, she’d applied for the home help support, and in the end, she’d found, that a lot of the caretakers, even the organizations that provided these services, didn’t have enough of an understanding of dementia at all.

Ms. Kuo pointed out, that her slightly demented husband didn’t need assistance feeding or bathing, but instead, he’d needed the mentally stimulating activities, such as putting together puzzles, reading, or any sort of physical activity, but the organization that provided the caretaking services believed that that, is not within the realms of the services that she’d applied for; and, the applications and the hour limits of the breather programs sometimes doesn’t comply to the needs of the caretakers. For instance, one would have to file for the services two weeks in advance, but a lot of times, she’d gone out unplanned, like when she’d, fallen ill and needed to see a doctor, or if something came up immediately, there was, NO way she could apply for the help services in two weeks’ advance.

So, this program set up by the government still wasn’t well thought out, it’s still, in its preliminary stages, only, that we’re dealing with REAL people who are in need of caretaking, and their needs are immediate, it’s not something you can go back to, after reworking the programs, and so, this, is one more bad thing that the government came up with, that wasn’t, well-thought out at all!


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