The Ninety Drug Dealers Caught by the Armed Services, Four Were Military Personnel

What happened, to the disciplines of the military, huh??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chingchuan Airforce Base in February was the dumping grounds for packages of illegal substances, causing the society to upset, the higher division district attorney’s offices had the D.A.s in the country, the military, as well as the police, to start to sweep for drugs in the military for three days continually, they were able to discover a total of NINETY drug dealers, of these, the four dealers caught in Shihlin, Taichung, Hualien, and Kaohsiung, were all military men, and, they’d found another sixteen servicemen who were abusing drugs, and found about forty-eight kilograms’ worth of illegal substances, the D.A.s office stated that it shall, continue the drug sweeps in the military, to protect the servicemen’s safety.

The D.A.s office stated, that servicemen are the cornerstone of the country’s safety, that it will, crack down on the illegal substances which had, infiltrated into the military, to make sure, that the military has its ability intact.

This very first sweep that lasted from May 31st to June 2nd, was the first of the Armed Services Protections Anti-Drug Forum, they’d searched a total of 226 locations, found a level-2 drug manufacturing factory, with twenty-three people in custody.

The data collected from this sweet will be input into the national illegal substances database, to zoom in on the related providers, the dangerous places, for a sweep to occur at any time.

So because of how serious this was, finding illegal substances being manufactured on the army bases, that, is why the government is taking this very seriously, after all, these men are the ones we rely on, to keep us safe, and if they’re getting high, or too busy, dealing drugs, then, the defenses of this country will surely, go to HELL!


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