A Man Who’d Raped & Murdered a Young Girl Was on the Run for Twenty-One Years, Sentenced to Life-in-Prison After He Was Arrested

This LOSER is finally CAUGHT! TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS later, but the sentence was still, WAY too light, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Tsai twenty-seven years ago, made his way into Cheng-Der Elementary School, Falsified Himself as a Teacher, Raped and Murdered a Sixth-Grade Female Student, Chen, then Went on His Escape, He was Arrested for Raping a Mentally Retarded Girl Six Years Ago, from His DNA on File, the Polie Found that He Was the Murderer. Tsai Admitted to Rape, but, Believed that the Twenty-Year Statute of Limitation Had Already Expired, the High Courts Found that When He was Arrested, the Statute of Limitation Was Still Valid, Although After the Murder from Nearly Thirty Years Ago, He’d Offended Repeatedly, But, Before the Rape and Murder, He Had No Priors, He Was Sentenced to Life for Rape and Murder.

The High Courts investigated, that the same year that Tsai had raped then murdered the young girl, he’d physically abused another young girl, plus, he raped another young girl in Chijing, it wasn’t hard, for him, to commit these crimes on his own. Tsai claimed, that he’d not intended to kill twenty-seven years ago, that as he’d duct-taped the child, he’d avoided her nose and mouth, but he’d wrapped the duct tape around the child’s neck seven times, and as the child cried out in pain, he’d covered up her mouth too, it was, difficult, for her to breath; Tsai disclosed, that as he raped the child, she was, already, dead.

The fifty-six-year-old Tsai, on May 7th, 1990, it was his first year anniversary of marriage, back then, raping and murdering was the only crime punishable by death. The High Courts pointed out, that the statutory period of the laws, are NOT set, for the benefits of criminals, that it was, set up, to limit the laziness of the correctional facilities, if the criminal intentionally hid himself, and couldn’t be arrested, so long as the D.A. restart the investigations, it’s still, within the statute of limitation; the statute of limitation for this particular case was twenty years, plus the extension of time given to the investigators, the D.A. in making the case, the expiration date should be September 28th, 2012, and Tsai was arrested back in 2011, so it was still, within the statute of limitation.

The young girl, Chen went missing around lunch time, as she was found, she was lying, face down on the concrete floor, with her hands, duct-taped behind her head, her legs were also, restrained, there were signs of sexual assault. This rape and murder case had shocked the society, back then, the police did a large-scale search, but it’d, yielded no results.

Twenty-one years since the murder, Tsai raped a mentally retarded woman in Chihjing, Kaohsiung, the police took the DNA sample, and found that the DNA matched up with the rape and murder of the young girl, Chen. Tsai believed, that “the twenty-year statutory period had passed”, and admitted to what he’d done, and, his first and second trial yielded him the life sentence, the High Courts had handed the case back, twice, to the High Appeals court twice due to the calculating of the time passed.

After Tsai was caught, he’d said, that his older brother was involved too, and because Tsai’s older brother failed his polygraph, he was prosecuted by Shihlin D.A.’s office, and they’d asked for the death penalty, and because Tsai used his older brother as a patsy, he’d only received life in prison. In the hearings, because there were only Tsai’s sperm cells discovered in the young girl’s pubic region, they’d believed, that he’d acted on his own, that his older brother was scapegoated and falsely accused by him, because of money problems with him.

The young child’s father, because of being too distraught of her death, died a few years later of depression, and the mother refused to talk about the events ever again, only thanked the justice system, for giving justice back to them.

Tsai was sentenced to the rape of the young girl, to eight and a half years, and is now serving his term in prison.

Yeah, uh, that, is what you get, for raping AND murdering, because he didn’t have the intentions of MURDER, but, the child still died, and this predator only received EIGHT years and a half, that’s still too lenient, so, justice was NOT served here!


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