When the Instructors Couldn’t Manage to Catch Up to the Curricula? The Beliefs about Education Became Overly Exaggerated

Problems education reforms are faced with right now here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education had announced the 12-year-education plans, the Dean from Taidong University’s Teaching Department, Tseng stated, that the new curricula is fitted to the needs of the future generations, but what worries him the most is, “the instructors couldn’t comprehend what is on the curricula, only what’s in the textbooks.”, the scholars are developing a set of teaching materials, giving the instructors the right tools, so they can play their parts well in class, that they’re not expecting that many teachers, to understand how to enforce the methods of teaching in this reformed teaching measure.

This lowering the standards, the ability to understand information toward the school teachers, is EXACTLY why over the past decades, the education in Taiwan hadn’t progressed at all.

it’s exactly like this, but not about shortage of funding, comic from online…

First, the newly written out curricula stressed a nine-quality, three facet core beliefs, that the students will, start studying on their own, becoming intrinsically motivated in their studies. I’m in doubt, that the past curricula wasn’t designed to do this, and, after minor adjustments, the curricula from 2018 can automatically achieve this instantly? The professionals talked about “abilities we can bring with us”, and now, they’d switched to the “core values”, please, do tell us, laypersons, what, is the primary differences? As well as, show us the effectiveness from the last education reform too.

Secondly, the head of the Department of Education mentioned how the Chinese courses from middle and high school is still circling around recitation, rote memorization, very limited number of teachers stressed the importance of reading comprehension, which showed, that these Chinese instructors hadn’t changed their ways of approach to teaching one bit. “Memorizing the meanings” isn’t as important as “reading comprehension”, that, would be the prejudices of the professional scholars. And what they don’t know is, that there’s a huge chunk of knowledge acquisition that’s reliant on the basics. Without being able to crawl first, they’d tried to work, what, an impossible feat! If you can’t understand what you’re reading in Chinese, how are you supposed to understand the meanings of the articles before you? Making the reforms in education too ideal, that, is what the lacking of teaching experiences these legislators calling on the reforms of education to happen fast have problems in.

It’s also because we’d overemphasized the importance of “reading comprehension”, some of the blinded instructors really couldn’t care enough about the basics for children learning to write, don’t demand the students to comprehend the vocabulary words, after rushing through the texts, hurrying the students, into the world of reading. Without knowing, that the writing, or the explanations of the terms, are left, to the parents or the afterschool program instructors, and these instructors are still, gloating about, how they’re, following the newer beliefs on how to teach correctly.

In the end, the experts developed the term of “literacy”, with the reforms in education used as the miracle cure. Couldn’t even decide if they’d done anything wrong by the instructors, students, just blamed how the teachers teaching in the classes are falling behind schedules.

with the school teachers, marching AGAINST the reforms of education here…photo from online…

And so, this, is the problem, in implementing the policies in the reforms of education, because these reforms should happen, step-by-step, and the officials here want to see immediate results, and that, is just, NOWHERE NEAR possible, which means, that the school teachers, are going to have it very hard, in the years to come!





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