Finding Those Who Were Kind Enough to Help Me in My Hour of Need

The cycle of kindness, shall be, continued, translated…

That day, it was, an ordinary BLUE Monday, also the very first day into my thirty-seventh week of pregnancy too. The doctor told me, that I can start to induce labor now.

As I was finished with my workload of the day, I’d, ended the day, with my contractions coming, I’d, quickly, gathered up my things, to head to the OBGYN, to see, if this was, the signs of me, about to have a child. Finally, I’d, made my way, to the entrance of the MRT stations, I’d, changed my mind, because of that wet feeling from my lower abdomen, I’d decided, to take a cab instead, at which time, I was already in labor, and I’d, told the cabdriver, to get me, to the nearest hospital instead.

like this, not my photograph…

And yet, the front doors of the hospital was being renovated, the workers who were still working told me to head to the backdoor, but, having taken a few short steps, I’d felt, that strong compression, my baby is coming down, like it was, rushing toward freedom. I’d, leaned on to the fences, tried to breath slowly, to slow down the progressions of my pains, not daring, to move a single step, I’d, never imagined, that this five-minute walk would seem, so distant!

At which time, an older man saw me, in the dimly lit up sky, he’d hesitated, and asked me, “Are you, heading to the hospital? It’s over this way a bit…Or, do you want me to get someone from the hospital to come and get you?”, as a door slammed in your face, another surely, opened, right up! I’d managed out, “Please…Call…Someone…for…me!”, then, I’d become, limp, fallen, to the ground, fearing, that if I take one more step, my baby was going to like that apple that hit Newton on the head, about, to get pulled out by gravity. At the same time, a couple of women heard my calls, came over to ask if I’d needed help, and, in their assistance, I was finally able to, get into the hospital okay.

Although, it’d taken me, less than an hour, to deliver my child, all of these kind souls had already, left, and I have NO way of finding them again. “Kindness is everywhere in the world.”, although these people are strangers to me, but, in my desperate moment of need, they’d, lent me a helping hand, offered me strength, in this hour of darkness; found me in the darkness, and helped my husband, wheeled me on that wheelchair toward the hospital, the security guard who’d wheeled me, the unknown strangers who’d, picked up my things from left and right as I was, wheeled toward the hospital, if I could, I truly wish, I can, go to each one of them, and thank them personally.

without the help, she would’ve never had a successful delivery, photo from online…

We never know, how any of our actions, or any words of ours, can affect someone so deeply, but I hope, that I will, carry this warmth I’d felt from the help I’d received on the day I delivered my child, to teach him well, so he can become, another person who’d, bring some goodness to this world that we live in.

This, is how much of an effect helping can have on someone, and this woman will surely, pass this cycle of kindness, teach her son, so he can, treat everybody he comes across kindly too, just like on the day he was delivered, his mother had, received help from countless number of kind strangers too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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