When Education is Sacrificed by the National Budgets

This is, what’s, currently happening, in the U.S. of A, based off of the papers here, translated, off the Front Page Sections…

The American South and Midwest, for a lot of schools in the states having financial difficulties, only have four days of classes, and, just last week, the Trump government announced the slashing of U.S. budget, for education, reducing by thirteen-percent, including the money given as assistance to the various poor states’ education, and it’s no doubt, that it’d, added even more troubles.

graph found online…

The state of Oklahoma is one classic example. The Washington Post reported, that the crises in budget had already forced many schools in the state to make the difficult decisions. The shortages in funding has caused the increased number of students in the middle school and elementary school classes, with the slashes in the arts and foreign languages departments, and, without the funds to buy the newer texts, the poorer children won’t have the texts to study with. What’s worse was, a lot of schools only held classes for four days out of the week, for the sake, of saving up on the funding.

The senators continued passing the budget slashing bills, reducing the income taxes, the fuel taxes too, slashed away over billions of U.S. dollars in taxes collected, the Republican Party is advocating the reduction of taxes, and the problems will slowly, enter into other states as well.

In the 513 school districts in Oklahoma, there were, already 96 districts that’s made the decisions to have Mondays or Fridays off, this statistic tripled compared to 2015, and quadrupled compared to 2013. The Oklahoma School Board did an investigation which found, that there are still, forty-four other school districts that are contemplating to set up a four-day school week, or shortening the school year in sum.

what it looks like right now…graph found online still…

In reducing the days of school, other than saving up the money for school bus costs, the lunches, and the hours of work, it’s also for the sake of keeping the teachers working. Due to the lacking in funding, the local elementary and middle school teachers are earning the lowest compared to other occupations, and the teachers are very hard to find, and, having a four-day workweek became, one of the ways to attract the instructors to accept the low pays.

Sandy Robertson in New Castle said, “I don’t think this is right, our children are losing their right to receive an education.”

So, this, is what is sacrificed, due to the budget shortage in the U.S., and the government doesn’t realize, that it’s actually, SCREWING over the future outlooks, because, these students who are supposedly getting their education would be the ones who are up for the positions of presidency, vice-presidency, speaker of the house, blah-blah-blah, and, by slashing the funds of schools, U.S. made sure, that future generations of presidents would be, extremely UN-educated! And, if that’s not stupid, I don’t know what is!!!


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