Waiting Until You’re Eighteen, the Lies of the Predatory Instructor

DANGER! DANGER! D-A-N-G-E-R! A Q&A, translated…

Q: He’d Used Sweet Lies and Threats, I’d Fallen, into His Dangerous Traps…

Due to the news of recent suicide of the young female writer, a lot of the cram school instructors’ bad behaviors started busting loose, and, all of these adult bad behaviors didn’t get known before was primarily due to how the victims were fearful, worried that their parents, their schools may, reprimand them, fearing that one may become an outcast, and normally, it’d taken these victims, years on end, until they’d finally realized, that they were, victims, did they work up the courage, to tell the world what had happened to them from before.

About four, five years ago, a high-school aged girl wrote me, said that because she was the head of her class, she’d gotten in close contact with the math instructor. The teacher was very young, humorous, and gentle, but, he’d often complained to her about the bad tempers of his wife to her, how she’d run back to her parents to stay, leaving him lonely, asked the student if she’d wanted to come over to his place and be his company. The young woman went because she was curious. At that time, the instructor asked her to have sex, although she was scared, but as he’d promised that he shall, divorce his own wife for her. Seeing how the teacher she loved liked her too, she’d agreed to having sex with him, stupidly.

this constitutes as SEXUAL HARRASSMENT!  Picture from online…

Afterwards, they’d started dating more intimately, but, a little over a month later, the instructor told the female student out of the blue, that his wife came back, and he’d wanted to, work hard in their marriage, that he couldn’t, be with her again, otherwise, if he got found out, he will lose his job, and go to jail.

Once the young woman couldn’t help it, and texted him, but he’d immediately phoned her back using a public telephone, warned her, to NEVER contact him again, because his wife already suspected something, that he must’ve, taken someone else home. In the end, the instructor told her, “You must bear with it, you will be eighteen in two and a half years.”

And after that last call, he’d stopped, contacting her privately anymore, and, distanced himself from her physically in school too.

A My Advice

I’d asked her, if she wanted me to blow the whistle on the events, she was so afraid she’d turned me down immediately. But gladly, this young woman was smart, she’d understood, that her teacher’s waiting until she turns eighteen was his way of blowing her off. For a period of time, she’d poured her heart out to me, told me that she understood it now, and promised me, to NEVER kill herself over it. I truly hope, that she’s, out of the darkness by now.

about to become inapproriate???  Not my photograph…

So, this, is the ADVERSE effect of falling for a teacher, and, because teachers are authority figures, maybe, that, is why that’s made them, that much more attractive to the students, and, these are ADULTS who should’ve known better, than to lead those teenagers on, but, these adults abused the teens’ trusts, and, took advantage of them, and heaven only knows, how many PREDATORY instructors like this one are out there in the world today!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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