Parting Doesn’t Necessary Brings Sorrow

An alternative interpretation of DEATH, a lesson from the mother to the child, translated…

After attending my husband’s eldest brother’s funeral, my daughter asked me, “How come aunty was so calm?”, perhaps, in my daughter’s experiences, death brings about sorrows, and it’s normal, for her, to feel this way at her age.

My husband’s eldest brother is a man who lived in the moment, never mistreated himself. Even when he fell ill, he’d not stopped, living in the enjoyments of his own life, although the younger generations kept advising him against it, he’d still insisted on eating the food items that pleased him; the few days before he’d died, he’d had his favorite, winter bamboo shoots stewed beef. So, I’m sure, that he’d carried that mind of satisfaction toward death, and, thinking up to here, I’d felt, glad for his sake.

what funerals usually entails…NOT my photo…

We’re all in our elderly years now, and, we’d carried a different attitude toward death, dying off easy, beats being alive and suffering, not having any regrets while we are still alive, and when we die, not dragging too long, that, is my biggest longing, and best kind of blessing. From this perspective, death isn’t necessarily awful, so naturally, we’d not needed to feel so sorrow over it.

From the perspectives of those who’d lost their loved ones, death has many different interpretations. There were the loved ones, that we couldn’t, let go of, and there were, those whom we’d hated or despised, that we just hoped, that they’d died sooner. Loss and remembering is the hardest burdens of losing those we loved, but, for those couples who’d despised and hated one another, death comes, so much, easier, and at which time, the individuals would give thanks to how wrongfully they’d been, mistreated by their spouses.

Looking at that look of confusion on my daughter’s face, I can’t explain it all to her just now, I’m thinking, that in a few more years, she will understand what I’m talking about on her own.

or, it can be more like this…NOT my photograph still…

So, this, is a mother’s allowing the child, to take her own time, in comprehending the meanings of death, and, we are, socialized to react sorrowfully to death, because that is, the norm, but, sometimes, we fail to realize, that death may be, a good thing, especially when the ones you’d loved had been sick so long, death may be the only thing that frees them from their deteriorating bodies.


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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