The Care Gardens of a Halfway House Help the Homeless with Occupational Therapy to Help Them Back on Their Feet

This, is a social welfare program, that aims at helping people BACK on their feet again! From the Newspapers, translated…

lectures, offered to the homeless, to get them better prepared to get work, photo from online…

The Very First, “Sugar Cane Preparatory Workplace” in the Nation, Encouraging the Homeless to Get Involved to Learn a Viable Skill, and Setting Those Who’d Acquired the Skills for Jobs, to Start a New Life, Helping Nearly Thirty People Return to the World

The Care Garden of Linkou, Hsinbei City, a halfway house, allowed the homeless population who’d fallen ill, in need of a place of rest, and the home helped the homeless people obtain a viable life skill, to help reintroduce them back into the society, and it’d started the very first “Sugar Cane Plantation Preparation Workforce”, to help the homeless rebuild their lives.

something like this, to help eople get bak on their feet again…NOT my photograph…

Zhong, who’s forty-five years old, started living on the streets when he was younger, several years later, he’d become, a gangster, later, because of a series of cases he was involved in, he was sent to prison, after his release, because he’d been, detached from the society too long, he couldn’t find a job, started living on the streets, and was found by a social welfare organization, and was, introduced to the Care Gardens.

As Zhong went into the Care Gardens, he’d changed his temper, this March, he’d gotten involved in the “Sugarcane Preparatory Workforce’s” “Radar Station Radar Bread” bakery, he’d spent over eight hours a day, learning to bake breads, cookies, he’d settled down, studied the books, and his skills are now, comparable to a formally trained baker.

trained with the skills for cleaning up the roads, photo from online…

Zhong said, that when he was younger, he’d once assembled air-conditioning units, that he’d never had any experiences in baking at all, but in the department head of the food industry of Awakening Technical College, Hsu’s instructions, he could already make breads in various flavors already.

And, this, would be a good program, as it’d, helped those who became homeless, for whatever reasons there may have been, to learn a brand new viable skill, so they will be able to, live off themselves, and make their own ways, and, it’s a good program, that helps people get back on their feet again.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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