Took His Mistress to Evade Debts, His Wife Caught the in Bed Together and Filed for Divorce

How the debt collectors utilized this man’s wife, to track him down, from the Front Page Sections, and as a result, this cheating bastard lost his marriage, as well as money he’d owed, translated…

caught, redhanded…NOT my photograph…

A truck driver, Su accumulated a lot of gambling debts, and the organized debt collectors found that he took his mistress and ran, saw him hiding inside the house, and, the debt collectors notified Su’s wife to catch him in the act of cheating, although Su denied having committed adultery, and his wife wasn’t successful in suing him for adultery, but the divorce was granted.

The Taoyuan District Court found, that Su accumulated gambling debts, and fell into the gambler’s fallacy, kept gambling, and in the two years, he’d borrowed nearly two million dollars from loan sharks, and signed the check of $1.8 million N.T.s, but because he couldn’t pay it back, he’d moved to evade the debt collectors, and he’d run off without telling his own wife.

like that, NOT my photograph…

The debt collectors found his rental place away from his home last September, found that he’d moved in with a woman, but no matter how they rang the doorbell, nobody answered, Su never leaves that place, and it was the woman who’d gone out to get what he’d needed; and because the building’s security wouldn’t allow them to head up stairs to find him, the debt collectors called up Su’s wife told her, “Your husband moved in with his mistress.” Su’s wife called the cops and showed up with them to catch him in the act, as the police opened up the front door, they’d found Su and Lin on the couch, watching television in the living room, Su’s wife sued them both for adultery.

Yup, getting his wife that’ll do it, because this man evaded his debts, and the collectors couldn’t find him, and, they’d probably only had in mind, that they’d wanted him to pay back the money, and didn’t consider how his wife catching him in the act of cheating will affect the family, but hey, at least, the debt collectors were able to collect what this man owed, and this man should’ve thought twice, before he’d started gambling, and cheating on his own wife, so…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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