Every Child is a Precious Affinity, Teaching the Lessons of Life with Life, Love Conquers All

The dedication of a school instructor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The balls over there, pay attention!”, Hua’s spike, made his opponents unprepared. I sat on the steps to the field, watching Hua, and I was, overwhelmed with emotions.

Three years ago, Hua was sent to my class, and, the two of us started on this magic journey together. How so? In his elementary years, Hua was on the volleyball team of his school, he was active and upbeat, and all of a sudden, as he’d entered into middle school, he was, impacted with the burdens of the academia, and he was having huge troubles, adapting to the heavy course load.

photo from online…

After an entire class period, he’d become, unfocused, in order to make sure he did better, his father sent him to cram school. And still, Hua’s mind wasn’t on learning, the knowledge from school disinterested him, he was slowly, drawn toward the outside environment, anything from smoking, driving without a license, getting into fights, gathering in bad places, he’d done, and, all of his accumulated bad behaviors had gotten him three major reprimands.

Hua’s father, because how busy he was at work, he couldn’t spend enough time with him, and asked me to watch over him. To tell the truth any teacher who has a kid like that in class, would have the hard work cut out, me included.

I’d wrecked my brains, for an assortment of tactics, and the process of adjusting to him, was full of trying moments, whenever he’d done something bad, I was called to the principal’s office to handle it, and, most of the time, I can only, pray for him. And as I’d called him to me, to give him a piece of my mind, he’d just, rolled his eyes at me.

My coworkers told me, that I didn’t need to live my days complying to my students’ emotional ups and downs, but I’d told myself, “Education is turning life around with life.”, I’d still prayed for him just the same, never gave up on him.

what this kid did, NOT my photo…

Thankfully, as he’d entered the ninth grade, the school assigned him to a care course, and his uncle gave him part-timing opportunity in his spare time, so he didn’t have time to hang out with his bad friends.

Slowly, Hua was changing, he’d still had major reprimands, and I’d, Slowly, Hua was changing, he’d still had major reprimands, and I’d, taken his hand, told him, “Come, I’ll take you to get them omitted, so long as you’re willing to comply, to finish the work around the school on time.” Two years ago, he was still, rolling his eyes at me, he’d followed me around, cleaned up the areas in the school now, very actively involved in what he was doing, and very focused.

and this is how he’d become…not my photo still…

student, tentative in class 的圖片結果

On the day of the high school entrance tests, his father came to accompany him in his tests, he’d thanked me personally, told me, that his son had, changed for the better. I’d told him, “These three years I have him in class is a blessing, and you are family for life, and you must cherish that.”

I’m grateful, that I was given an assortment of students to work with, because I believe, that love can change everything, and if you teach with love, you can not fail.

So, you can see, how much dedication this teacher put into helping this student be better, and this young man only hung out with the wrong crowd, because he had nothing else to occupy his spare time, but, since his uncle made him work in his shop, and the school instructor showed a ton of cares and concerns for him, the young man started changing for the better, this still just showed, that there are, NO bad students or children, only adults who don’t know HOW to work with them.


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