With the Online English Lessons, the College Students Helped the Children in Distant Areas Start to Speak in English without Fear

A program that benefitted both the learners and the teachers that’s gotten started here, from the Newspapers, translated…

There is, the dual-peak situation in English education of students, what are we going to do, with the lacking of qualified English instructor in the distant regions? The National Rotary Club started offering online tutoring sessions of English five years ago, with the departments of education, upgrading the internet systems to broadband connection, set up 4,200 students to learn, with the college aged learning companions, to help these elementary students learn English, the program had, helped the elementary students do away with their fears of the foreign language, helped the students have more interests in learning English, and schools reported there to be a reducing number of students needing the extra help with the classes by the year too!

Seven of the district Rotary chapters held an exhibition of the progresses of the English program offered to students living in the distant regions yesterday, there were, over 700 subchapters that were involved. This program started from just a few schools in Kaohsiung, to now, a total of 4,200 universities and elementary schools involved, including areas of Chiayi, and Penghu, along with other separated islands from Taiwan, the Rotary Club visited the schools personally, setting up the elementary age students with college or high school age tutors, offering at least one classroom session per week.

The first year high school student, Liu from Nangang High School said, in order to teach the students in the elementary school settings, the tutors needed to observe first, what level the elementary students are in, he had taught, based off of the curriculum provided by the school districts, and would utilize current events, like PAPP, and other current events, to teach them the vocabulary terms. Liu told, that as the lessons were first started, the students felt very awkward, to now, because it’s a two-on-two tutoring session, the kids all started speaking up in class, asking questions aloud. Liu said, that the elementary students benefitted the most from this program, because they’re no longer afraid of learning English, and it’d, motivated them more in their own learning processes.

like this, not my photograph…

The high school instructor, Deng from Nangang High School said, that the school got involved in the program just last year, she’d encouraged her class to participate, because “having this sort of high-quality education, it’s all due to the society, and if you have the abilities, you must, give back to the community in return”. There are now, a total of forty student-teachers who are onboard this program currently, using an hour in the noontime every Tuesday, taught the younger students from the webcams.

The elementary student, a fifth-grader from Jien-An Elementary School in Sanxia, Chen said, he was very nervous, as he’d started learning English through the webcam, not knowing how to answer. But because the older brother taught him a few simple English words, and demonstrated to him how to use the terms in a complete sentence, this one-on-one tutoring session in English had, helped him gain more confidence, and slowly, his fear of the English foreign language, went away.

The principle from Peony Elementary, Fang said, that the songs that the university students had taught the kids, they’re now, singing on a regular basis. “They’d really become, unafraid of English now”. The principal of Chi-Chi Elementary School in Hsintien, Tsai pointed out, that after he’d enrolled his school into the programs, there were more than ten students who’d needed the extra help sessions, and now, the number was reduced to two students only, he’d smiled and told, “We almost couldn’t file for the assistance from the government here anymore.”

photo from online…

Other than the weekly online sessions, the Rotary Club also assigned the university students to meet up with the elementary students, to let the various age students to get to know one another personally. There were college students who’d told, that seeing how far the elementary students they’d tutored come so far, they’d earned the acknowledgements too, and as they met up, they’d become like friends.

So, this is like the Big Brother/Big Sister Program, with the college students’ willingness to put in the time, to offer the help learning sessions to the elementary students, and it’d helped the students in the elementary years to stop fearing the English lessons, becoming more open up, and it’d also benefitted the college age students too. It’s a great program, that allows both sides to benefit that’s be started over here.


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