A Mother Abused Her Daughter to Death, Then, Disposed of the Corpse as Trash After Chopping the Child Up to Pieces

Another death, of an innocent child, this, is truly, BRUTAL, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Su, five years ago, abused her own daughter with her cohabiting boyfriend, the two of them locked the infant girl up inside a kitty litter, and as the infant started crying, they’d poured hot water on her, they’d cut up her corpse, and abandoned the body into a garbage truck. The Taichung District Courts charged her and her boyfriend with manslaughter by abandonment and destroy of the corpse, gave both twenty years of sentence, which they can appeal.

As the court held its sessions, the mother and the boyfriend started crying in pain, claimed that they never meant to kill the infant girl; after she’d died, they’d been plagued with nightmares every night. They’d not denied dismembering her body, but, they’d said that each other started the abuse and murder first; Hsu claimed, that most of the dismemberment was done by Su, that he’d helped her later on, and admitted to physically abusing the female infant.

They’d both passed the polygraph as they testified to what had happened, and the Collectivist Courts, because the infant’s body wasn’t found, couldn’t know what exactly had, killed her, and there was, NO physical evidence, that they’d, intended, to murder the child, the courts didn’t charge them with murder, but Su, as the mother, had allowed her cohabiting partner to abuse the infant girl, and dismembered the body afterwards, she’d acted, out of malice, the courts believed.

The investigators found, that Su (age 33) works as a bargirl, after her daughter was born in October of 2011, she’d moved in with the pimp, Hsu (age 24); Hsu has priors in drugs and abuse, had abused the infant girl, and because the infant cried, it’d, alarmed the neighbors and they had, notified the police, there were families and friends who witness that the infant was placed in a cat cage by Hsu, while Su didn’t do anything to stop him.

In July of 2012, Su and Hsu took the infant girl to a certain hotel in Taichung, Hsu hung the infant to the hook on the walls, and smacked her, the guests from next door notified the police, as the Social Services got to the scene, they found NO signs of abuse, but, the couple were listed as “high-risk”.

In October of 2012, after Hsu was high on substances, he was displeased at how the eleven-months old infant was crying out of turn, forced her hand into her mouth for over twenty seconds, causing the infant to suffocate, she’d started, convulsing; Hsu worried that his bad actions might get discovered, threatened Su to not notify the emergency rescues, allowed the infant to convulse for another three, four hours, until she’d died.

After the infant died, Hsu and Su placed the body inside the closet space above the bed, then, poured broiling water over the corpse, and dismembered the body with scissors, into four separate bags, and tossed away into the trash; and, part of the infant’s internal organs were flushed into the toilet.

In 2015, Su reported her daughter missing, the police asked the Department of Social Services to investigate, the Social Services found something odd, and the D.A. was called, took Su into custody, and, Su cried, and admitted to what she did to her own infant.

So, this, is how BAD these parents were, and this LOSER was HIGH, when he’d, knowingly, murdered the young child, and what was worse, was what this couple had, done with the infant’s body, and they’re not getting away with MURDER!


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