My Husband’s Competing for My Attention with My Son

Yeah, uh, this, is HOW immature, you LOSERS can get!!! Translated…

Because we loved children, shortly after we were wed, we’d, welcomed the first child in our family. But, there was, that minor disappointment, I’d wanted a daughter, but instead, I’d gotten, a son.

As for why I would want a daughter, it’s because, I was, too close to my own mother growing up! So, I’d wanted to have this strong connection to my own daughter too…although I’d felt somewhat disappointed that I had a son, but, my son’s naïve smiles and complete dependent on me, it’d slowly, melted my heart. Especially, as he grows older, he’d come to resemble me more and more by the day, so, how can I possibly, say no, to another me?

how immature IS this???  Not my photograph…

Having fallen in love with my own son, I’d tried making as much time to spend with him as I possibly can. His cute ways had, captured, ALL of my attention. It was, hard for me to imagine, that my husband, became, jealous of him!

The way he’d gotten jealous was so childish, he’d thought up of a million ways to screw with him. The ways that left me in awe were his “Flavored Cola” and his “Toothpaste Cookies”. During those two times, my son was thrilled, by my husband’s soy sauce and vinegar fake coke and the minty toothpaste in-between the crackers. Seeing how thrilled my son was, my husband started laughing hard, gloating.

There was once, before I drove my son to his basketball practice, hidden himself in the storage space of our SUV, and, my son was totally unprepared, that there was, a third-person in the car, and he was, thrilled by that hand that reached forward to grab him from the backseats.

what adult males, regressed into…NOT my photograph…

Don’t know how my son felt about this sort of a constantly-messing-with-him dad? And, every time I saw how happy and ecstatic my husband was, for getting my son, I’d really wanted to tell him, “honey, don’t do things that are so freaking childish, because you got jealous, okay?”

So, you can, imagine, how all of a sudden, there’s, that OTHER man in your wives’ (1@ a time) lives, and, they are, YOUR son, hello, hello, hello, this may look like something fun that this family going through, but hey, are you FUCKING kidding me? Why the HELL are you, losers getting jealous of how we, mothers interact with our own young sons, huh? After all, you DO realize, that they’re younger, and need our attention more, right? Or, had you all NOT managed, to LEARN to share your mommies with your other siblings too, huh??? GROW up, men!!!


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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