Dealing with the Empty Nest, the Growth of a Woman

On coping with the empty nest, translated…

My fifteen-year-old daughter insisted upon banning me from her bedroom.

I’d originally thought, that those pulling and tugging, were all jokes, I’d felt glad over how my friends told me, “You and your daughter interacted like sisters, without ANY gaps.”, I’d just, glanced over at the corner of her desk, and she’d, made her way into her bedroom, with her frowns on her forehead, looking, quite displeased, that, was when I’d realized, that my daughter really meant it when she told me to not invade into her personal space.

“Don’t shut the door, I won’t come in, the air would flow better into your bedroom!”, I’d, hollered allowed, worried, that she might, silence me too. Since the start of the second semester of eighth grade, she’d locked her bedroom doors at night, I’d recalled how the time we had shared, intimately, from in her elementary years are, all gone, for good now, I’d felt, unneeded, casted, away………

女性成長媽媽心裡話 圖/尤淑瑜from the papers…

This sort of a fragile and injured mom, lost all her strengths, and can only, collapse onto her bed, and, I’d heard, that light footsteps, I’d lifted my eyes to see, my daughter changed into her going-out clothes, brushing down her long hair at the dresser mirrors. With her fitted cotton t-shirt, her jeans, looking pretty. “I’m headed to the libraries with my classmate”. She’d tossed me the words so lightly. I was so thrilled she’d spoken to me, I’d, gotten up, recalled how there are still two afternoon tea vouchers, I’d found them, handed them to her, so she could go with her classmate.

“But I wanted to go with you!”, she’d given the vouchers back to me, with the sweetened tone, enough, to soothe over my hurt from a short while back. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that close-to-my-heart child is still there, it’s just, she’s, growing up, and wanted her separate set of skies. “But dad is home tomorrow, and we can go together, just the two of us!”, I’d reminded her. Since she was five, we’d started going out on mother-daughter dates, a plate of shaved ice, a bowl of sweetened tofu, or a piece of cake, and we’d, chitter-chattered on and on.

She’d flipped open to the vouchers, and checked the expiry dates carefully, said, “This won’t expire until the end of the year, honest!”, she must be laughing at how careless and dumb I was, and I, became melted in the feeling of being needed by her, any words of hers, sounded musical to my ears.

The front door was shut, and the bedroom door clacked on because of the draft. Nobody was now, keeping me out of her bedroom, but now, I’d not wanted to enter, just allow us, to keep our separate worlds, and, still cared for each other from inside of our hearts then.

not my photograph…

My twenty-four-year-old son posted a photo of him, surrounded by foreigners, that, was the joys from being baptized; being a Buddhist myself, I’d felt, that my son, who’d become Christian was, drifting farther and farther away from me too. Then, all of a sudden, I’d thought about love——plucking down a flower by force, that’s joy; but allowing the flowers to bloom on, that, is love. I should be glad, that my son had so many church friends who’d loved him like their own sibling abroad, saving me, his mom, a whole lot of worries.

My children are growing older by the day, it’s time, I’d, adjusted myself, to chase my own dreams now. My old friend, my husband, the money I’d saved up, that old dog, with a wide variety of hobbies, I am, a blessed mom.

something parents must all face someday…NOT my comic!

This, is a woman’s adjusting her own mindset in the empty nest stage of her life, and, she’d felt her children, drifting farther, and farther away from her by the day, and felt loss, but, she’d, adjusted her own mindset, because children will eventually grow up and leave, and if you can’t start finding ways to fill your own time, then, you’d be, all alone in old age, and that, would not be, a good thing at all!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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