A Man Looked After His Younger Sister for Thirty Years, Lost Control and Hacked Her to Death on the Streets

Tragedy STRUCK! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man looked after his psychologically ill younger sister for thirty years, yesterday, due to the arguments about taking her to the doctors, they got into an altercation, the older brother lost control, and decapitated his own younger sister with a chopping knife on the streets; as the police officers were notified, they’d arrested Lin who’d run back into his home after murdering his own younger sister, he’d claimed, “I’m tired, she wouldn’t listen”, that right after the first hack, his mind went blank. After the police interrogated him, they charged him with murder and sent him into the holding cells, the D.A. asked the judge to sign for his arrest, which was allowed.

The Ling-Ya substation of the local city police investigated, that Lin (age 54) lived in a five story mansion at Ling-Ya District, their two children are all grown and left home; Lin’s younger sister (age 52), was diagnosed with a mental illness, and lived with the couple. Lin rented the first floor to a florist to collect the rents, the family didn’t have any economical difficulties, nor were there reports of domestic violence incidents.

Lin claimed, he’d looked after his younger sister for thirty years, that after he took her to the clinic, the doctor made a referral for her to go to a major hospital, because he’d suspected that there was a tumor, as the two went home, the younger sister wanted to go to a clinic near their home to have her checkup, while Lin wanted his younger sister to go to a larger hospital for the exams, they’d argued on this matter.

Because the younger sister planned to go out, and Lin couldn’t stop her from leaving, the two of them started fighting on the third floor, all the way to the first floor, Lin was suspected of losing his emotional control, picked up a butcher’s knife from the kitchen of the second floor, chased his younger sister down to the first floor storefront, and without a single word, started hacking his own younger sister down with the knife immediately, blood splattered everywhere, until he had, decapitated her, he’d turned on the faucet in front of his house, washed the murder weapon off, as well as his own hands clean, and, escaped back inside.

As the officers were called, they’d arrived, found Lin in a daze inside the house, with his face all white, claimed, “I’m her eldest brother”, “I don’t recall what happened”, the officers immediately arrested him. After Lin’s wife learned that he’d murdered her younger sister-in-law, she’d asked him, “You’d killed her?”, Lin replied, “yup!”. Later, the police were able to recover the murder weapon, the knife used, above the closets on the fifth floor.

After the police calmed Lin down, they’d taken him into the subprecinct, as they’d interrogated him, Lin became lethargic, constantly drifted his gazes, told them, that he’d not had a stable job, “looking after her long-term became too much, I’d become, too annoyed by her”, that they’d fought on the matter of her being referred to a major hospital, “She won’t listen”, and after he hacked her the first time, his mind went blank.

The coroners and the police autopsied the body, and found there to be over twenty hacks on the victim’s neck, and because the nearby neighbors didn’t hear her holler for help, it wasn’t, normal, the D.A. asked for the victim’s body to be tested for drugs.

So, this, would be the long-term adverse effect, of looking after someone, and, this must’ve been a built-up, meaning, that this older brother didn’t just wake up on that day and decide: oh, I’ll, MURDER my younger sister today, it’ must’ve been from the built-up of moments of having to look after her, and all the burdens landed on his shoulders, that the pressures became too enormous, that this man CRACKED, and murdered his own younger sister so brutally!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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