Accused by a Female Student of Rape Again, the Male Cram School Instructor Committed Suicide

We can only speculate WHY it was, that this instructor had, committed suicide, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A physical science instructor, Hsu from a cram school in Hsinbei City because he’d kissed a female student who wasn’t sixteen yet, he was sentenced to four months in jail and two years of probation, recently, there was, another female student who’d gone online and disclosed how Hsu forcibly kissed her. On the eighth of this month, Hsu hung himself to death with a scout’s rope, he had, made recordings of his final note to his own ex-wife and parents, but, the recordings disclosed NO reasons of why he’d committed suicide.

Yesterday, that paparazzi magazines had a large scale report on how Hsu attempted to lure his female students, how he was found guilty, and received probation, his real name, where he’d taught, and found a former student who is in a private university to do an interview, and mentioned the online community’s criticisms of him; but in the afternoon, the police confirmed, that Hsu had committed suicide a week ago.

The police pointed out, that the forty-three year-old teacher on the morning of the eighth of this month around five o’clock, hung himself to death with a scout’s rope; based off of understanding, right after the sexual molestations of his student got out into the open, Hsu had divorced his wife, and the family wouldn’t speculate on what made him kill himself.

Two years ago in August, Hsu took an underage female student of not yet sixteen to a motel, and, after the student agreed to kissing, fondling her breasts, and her pubic area, because Hsu had no priors, and was in sort of a relationship with the victim, and not used any violent measures, and managed to settle with the victim for $60,000N.T.s, the female student’s parents were willing to drop the claims of rape, to let him have only probation. Last June, the Shihlin District Court charged him with sexual molestation of a minor, sentenced him to four months in prison, and gave him probation for two years; during his probationary period, he’d reported to the facilities as scheduled.

On the sixth of this month, antoher female student posted using the title, “Disclosures of Predatory Cram School Instructors”, and ranted on Dcard, that Hsu, making the excuses of giving private tutoring sessions, asked her to a café in the city of Hsinbei, and started molesting her, and forcibly kissed her, after he’d dropped her off, she’d told him, “This is NOT right!”, Hsu claimed, “I respect your beliefs”.

But, the very next day, Hsu used the excuse of picking something up, drove to the female student’s, as the female student got into his car, Hsu got into her bras, and raped her with his finger too. The female student told, that at the moment she’d felt “scared, disgusted, and ashamed”, after she got home, she couldn’t stop cleaning her body, until her skin became inflamed and red.

She’d not dare tell her father she was raped, only told him that a married teacher was pursuing her, and the father of this female student texted Hsu, told him not to get close to his daughter again, and the female student posted an article, “I’d not dared press charges, I fear that the teacher may have kept records of our conversations, that he may have deleted the parts that would hurt him in court, and I feared that his wife may sue me too.”

So, we can only speculate why this male instructor who was accused of RAPE had committed suicide, either that he’d wanted to prove that he was innocent (which is very unlikely!), or that he was tortured by his own conscience for doing what he did, or that he just didn’t want to get sent to jail, whichever way, this LOSER is dead, but that, is still NOT the end of the story, for ALL of his victims, because, these young ladies would have to live through the nightmares over, over, over, AND over again, and it’s all because, this ADULT had breached the trust these young girls had placed in him.


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