Using the Fairytales to Educate Children about Life & Death

A mother’s way, of teaching her young about the matter of life-and-death using stories! Translated…

Loving to read, I’d started telling my child stories when he was very young, and oftentimes, as my throat became dried, but seeing how focused and tuned-in to the stories I was telling him, I’d felt, that it was, more than worth it.

Recently, I’d started telling those age-old fairytales, and found similar storylines—the protagonists’ mother or father died when they were younger. And so, I’d asked my three-year-old if he knew what “died” meant? He shook his head.

not my artwork…

And so, I’d tried explaining to him, using terms that he can understanding: as people live to very old, like how he’s growing up day by day, I too, will grow older by the day, and one day, I am bound, to leave his side.

My son looked very confused, and started a series of his own inquiries, “Would grandpa die?” “How about grandma?” “Daddy too?”, as I’d nodded yes to all of his questions, he’d looked more and more serious, and, right before those tears rushed loose from his eyes, I’d hugged him tightly, tried comforting him in my softened and relaxed tone of voice, “Although everybody dies, but mommy promises you, that I will make sure, that I live until I’m, very old. When I can no longer bathe myself, will you, bathe me then?”

That, was when my son started laughing, and told me no, because he would NEVER bathe an adult. And, that, was how this somewhat serious discussion on death that got started.

I don’t know, if it’s, too early, to teach a three-year-old child about death? Because I had my son when I’m older, and, although I’d, hoped to accompany him through most of his life, I don’t really know, if I will be able to or not.

I hope, that he can establish the beliefs of “every life has an end, and death is something natural.” Of course, I too, will also, work really hard, to give him a ton of love, hoping, that one day when I leave, he can still carry on in his own life, with the warmth and love from us, his parents.

stories of death 的圖片結果not my sketch…

So, this, is on the issue of teaching a young child about death, and, maybe, a three-year-old is still just, WAY too young to comprehend the matters of life and death, but, this mother decided to start the process of teaching her own young son the eventuality of life being death, and, it’s always important, to get your young children prepared for these sorts of things, because life will come to an end, for ALL of us, one day!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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