The Student Was Accused of Cheating by His Teacher on an Exam, He’d Taken the Leap Off of the School Buildings, Killed Himself with the Instructor Present

This is what this teen had done, to PROVE his own innocence, from being accused of cheating on the exams! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A student, Lee, from a certain middle school in the county of Penghu after the sectional exams yesterday afternoon, he’d leapt out of the fourth floor sinks, killed himself, as he’d landed outside on his head. The school told, that he was suspected of using his cell phone to cheat and was caught by the instructor, the instructor confiscated his cell phone, and afterwards, as the instructor returned his phone back to him, he’d lost it, and that, was why he may have leapt. But the real reason behind his suicide is still pending investigation by the police currently.

The police found, that Lee was a second-year-student of this middle school, after the sectional exams were finished at around four in the afternoon yesterday, he was called to the outside of the fourth-floor classroom by the instructor, Lai, and shortly afterwards, he’d leapt through the fourth floor sink, and killed himself. The school immediately called up the emergency response teams, rushed him to the Sanitations Department’s Penghu Hospital for emergency resuscitation, but because he’d landed on his head, after fifty minutes of trying to revitalize him, he’d still died.

this is, a SHOCKING rate!!!  Not my photo…

Lee’s father stated, that his son is a very hardworking student, he was quiet, and didn’t have many friends, he could’ve originally gone to another middle school, but because he’d wanted the field of studies that the school offered, that, was why he’d transferred to this school. But what, exactly happened at school, he really couldn’t know for sure.

The school’s secretary, Kuo stated last night, that the instructor was overseeing the fifth period’s English exams, and found the student Lee, to be cheating using his cell phone, he’d confiscated the phone.

After the exams were over, the instructor, Lai took Lee to the offices, and marked his cell phone down for cheating, then, took the phone back to the classrooms, and returned it to the student on the fourth floor.

The secretary, Kuo told, that Lee “may have been too nervous, and had reacted too strongly,” he’d tossed the cell phone out of the building, then, jumped over the sink, then, leapt downward. The instructor Lai rushed over, to try to pull him back, but it was already, too late, the school is now, offering counseling to the other students, to help them through the griefs of losing their fellow classmate.

because  of how the teen can react so strongly…NOT my photograph…

So, there are, so many OTHER ways that this teen could’ve handled this matter. For starters, he couldn’t just tell the instructor, that he wasn’t using his cell phone to cheat, but instead, he’d chosen to KILL himself, to PROVE his own innocence, which still just showed, how strongly and how easily, teenagers can overreact, but that’s because of how their brains are still developing, and not yet fully developed, because an adult would’ve handled this matter totally differently…


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