From Working as a Volunteer, to Teaching, Bringing the Arts to the Countryside, Helping the Children to Draw Out What’s Inside Their Hearts

The dedications, of bring ART education to children from the distant regions, from the Newspapers, translated…

Entering into the distant regions, and falling in love with the places! The elementary school instructor, Yu-Ni Kwan from Kaoshih Elementary School in Pingdong, in her sophomore year in the university, she’d participated in the Department of Education’s Schweitzer Education Plans”, it’d kickstarted her art instruction journey in the distant schools. And now, she’s planned, to record down the scenes of beauty with their paintbrushes, giving more color, to the children’s bland and ordinary lives.

photo from online…

At the age of just twenty-six, Kwan played with the kids, compared to being their teacher, she’s more like family to them. She graduated out of the art education department of Taichung University of Education, and due to chance, she’d started teaching art in the elementary school of the distant regions. She’d recalled the first school she’d worked in, it was the Lushan Elementary of Ren-Ai District in Nantou, with NO former background in the theories of education, she’d carried that heart of curiosity, and gotten involved in the Schweitzer Plans, and the moment she’d entered into the distant regions, she’d fallen, deeply in love with it.

Going to the distant schools to teach, it’d made her realized that there WAS this huge lacking in resources, and ever since, she’d made up her mind, on staying there, to help the kids with more. Last September, she’d gone through the “Deer-Happy Plans”, headed to the Kaoshih Elementary School to teach art, she’d found, that the architecture of the building, along with the teaching methods of the group of teachers were, quite different from the schools in the cities, and since, she’d gotten started on her journey, of discovering art, and made her mind up on “entering into ALL the distant elementary schools across Taiwan”.

She’d stated, that the students from these distant schools, becausce they’d lacked the encounters of the aesthetics, at first, they’d shown this lack of interest to art, and there were students who’d told her, “Teacher, I draw really bad, I don’t want to do it”, and so, she’d allowed her students to participate in class as they wished to, and slowly, introduced them to the arts, and, the kids had often expressed their feeligns on the sketch books, it’d become an alternative way that she had, of communicating with her students. In her encouragement, art and drawing became something that’s fun, and, the students’ progresses in learning improved too.

Kwan said, the children living in the distant regions are all very talented in art, like a third-grade boy she once taught, was like the movie character from The Dull Ice Flower, very artistic, but very active, would run around in the classroom, defying the instructor, disliked getting praised, but every time, he’d drawn, it’d, awed everyone, used well-structured sketches, along with the right amount of colors, she’d called him, “a Genius Artist”.

under the instructions of these dedicated instructors…photo from online…

She’d observed, that a lot of the students were from the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses, and so, she’d made up the goals, to NOT just be a good teacher, but to take care of her students like family. She said, there’s this sort of connection for her to the distant schools, every time she saw the students washing their dishes, learned to take care of themselves, she’d felt very happy and accomplished, “Going into the distance is one of the ways I traveled”, Kwan said, that traveling doesn’t just include taking in the scenes, having the foods, or checking in on FB, it’s seeing the beauties of the local areas, establishing that bond with the locals, being treated as one of the locals, and giving what small thing one can to the places.

So, this, is how someone fell in love, with working in the less-developed regions, and, there is, this necessity, for more instructors with the passions, the loves, and the dedications to teach at these distant region schools, after all, the students being taught, will become, the leaders of these distant regions tomorrow…





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