Where is Mom? Another Tragedy that Stemmed from Drug Abuse

This, would be the RESULT of drug-abuse! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The UDN Paper’s reports of “Tragedies Caused by Drug Addictions” had raised awareness, the Chiayi chapter of Funds for Children & Family found, that there’s an increase in the drug abuse cases of children who were being helped out by the foundation.

There was a young boy who received an award for “self-sufficient child”, his mother was sent to prison on drug charges, the family relied on his grandmother, working odds and ends; the two other boys’ mothers also either went missing or was serving time in prison because of drug-related charges, and placed under the care of their grandparents. The therapist, Shu-Ling Lin said, that these cross-generation families are on the increase by the numbers, but the grandparents are living below the poverty lines, and it’d become, this vicious cycle, of the children not getting looked after well enough at all.

the results of drug abuse, affecting only YOU!  Not my photo…

Almost sixty-percent of the children and teens who were interviewed from the Chiayi’s Fund for Children & Families came out of single-parent homes. There was an elementary age boy, who’d not met his father, and his mother got addicted to illegal substances, and had been in and out of jail, and he was raised by his maternal grandparents, doing dishes, the laundry, and other crafts, to help support him and his older sister, and younger cousin, a total of four young children. The boy helped with the household chores, and performed very well in school, and received recognition for being outstanding.

The Northern Kaohsiung branch of Fund for Children & Family had assisted over 2,700 families, and there were about 340 families with the grandparents, raising the grandchildren, because the parents were in jail or addicted, this was, the primary reason why the families received help from the organization; there were a total of 1,263 families that were assisted by the Kaohsiung chapter, with the cross generation families taking up 159 cases, and the reason why these children were in need of assistance from the foundation also include the imprisonment of the parents, or the parents getting addicted and can’t look after their young.

and this, is how that affects the young…

notnot my photo…

And so, this, is still, a HUGE problem, the parents are getting addicted, leaving their young without the proper care, and the caring for the young was left to the grandparents, but, they’re having a hard enough time, living barely above water, with their retirement funds and what-not, this, is why there’s a need for this foundation, to lend these families in need a helping hand.


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