Insects Make the Cutest Pets

The observations the children made, documenting the process of coming-of-age, translated…

That lemon tree that’s in the backyard, every year around the spring, it’d attracted many colorful butterflies.

I’d recalled how when my children were in their elementary years, once, they’d come to me, like they’d found some treasures, “Mom, we have pets!”, I’d become confused, “Where are they?” “They’re the caterpillars of common swallowtail butterfly!”, the two of them were very mysterious about what they’d told me, and, it’d made me feel nervous too, “the larva form of the swallowtail, isn’t that, a caterpillar?”, I couldn’t help, but get the goosebumps, as I was about to put an end to it, the two of them pulled on my hands, to show me.

the curiosities of a young childre, NOT my photograph…

As I’d followed my children into the yard, I’d followed the kids’ fingers, wow! There were, so many black caterpillars on the leaves of my lemon tree. “Our teacher told us, that this, is the larva form of the swallowtail, I will keep them on these trees, they will be kept, as our pets.” Seeing how my children were very, excited discussing the matter, and, they’re, keeping them on the trees, what can I say then, so, I’d just, allowed them to.

Every day before school, the two of them would head to the gardens, to look at their “babies”, with the observations records made by my children, I’d witnessed the butterflies life stages, from caterpillar, to cocoon, to becoming butterflies, I’d found, nature to have offered us such wonders, so long as we don’t intervene, and just watch from close by, we can understand, how enriching the process of life is.

the stages of caterpillars, turning into butterflies, not my photograph…

A month later, there were, nothing but empty cocoons left hanging from the trees, and the colorful butterflies flying around and about my garden; thanks to my children’s sense of innocence, that led me to experience this beauty. And every year, as the spring came, and when the scent of sweet orange greeted me, and seeing the butterflies, I’d always get reminded of the time when my children kept watch over their precious caterpillars.

So, the children here, had led their mother, into experiencing the wonders of the natural world through their perspectives, and because the children were very young, and still saw things for the wonders that they are, that, was why they were, able to, enjoy watching these “pets” of theirs become, and the mother learned an important lesson from these young children too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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