Watching Over You Forever

Watching as you grow old, I will never, abandon you, like you were abandoned when you were younger, the devotions toward an adopted cat, translated…

Dearest Twenty-Year-Old Grandma Kitty, how are you?

I’m your mom, I’m also, a foster mom for cats; what’s a foster mom for cats? Simply stated, I’m one who takes the cats in distress out of their stressful environment, providing care then, finding a brand new, better home for them. This seemingly easy job, is actually filled with the ups and the downs, whether it be the care of the cats, the caretaking of the injured and the ill, posting the adoption notices, screening through the adoptive parents, following up, etc., etc., etc., etc., every step is trying, and hard. But, seeing how the cats I’d taken care of, from being a malnourished stray, into a lovable house pet, all the hardships, all the trials, all go away. The health and happiness of the cats, is the best reward we get, for being a halfway place for stray cats.

People who worked alongside me in the halfway homes for cats usually put up the energies, the moneys, adopting the cats themselves, and, giving gifts to the adopters; the rescues don’t discriminate against age, color; and those that we couldn’t adopt out, we’d, kept ourselves. We’re all regular nine-to-five workers, put up our own time, and money too, to look after the cats, but, what is it that made us keep at this? I guess, it’s this empathy, feeling the pains of the animals, hoping that we can give something to lessen the strains on their lives. We believed, that helping one cat wouldn’t change the world, but, the world of a cat we’d helped will, change forever.

And, every cat we’d looked after doesn’t necessarily adopt out successfully. There were those that were timid in nature, with birth defects, those who were abused and misbehaved, and of course, there were those brought back to us after being taken away too. What about those we couldn’t adopt out? No chance to turn them all back out onto the streets, then, we’d, kept each and every one, and looked after them ourselves.

But, the population increases quickly, and, there would be less and less time I can have for you. In the past, you’d gotten at least, a-third of my love and care, but, after years, I’d counted up the time I’d given to you, it’d become, less than a tenth, this, was what I’d felt worst about. And yet, you were always, more than tolerant, and would even look after the more timorous kitties, like a nanny. If it weren’t for you, being so kind and friendly, and tolerant of the other cats, I wouldn’t have volunteered here as long.

It’d been over a decade since I’d started volunteering, as all of the cats I’d looked after in the halfway homes became elderly, I knew, I’d needed to, think hard on my own future, and started shifting the focus of my car to “terminal care’. Like how I felt responsible for you, I’d carried that same sense of responsibilities toward those other cats I can’t adopt out like I had for you, I will, never abandon any of them.

And now, I’m still your mom, also, your caretaker too, and moreover, I’m a nurse’s aide for you. I know, that life will eventually come to an end, as animals grow old, they will one day, leave us, all I can do, is to accompany you, until the very final day of your life, to say this perfect goodbye to you.

So, this, is how deeply the animal shelter volunteer was impacted by a cat she’d adopted, and, by taking care of this cat from when she was just a kitten, the woman learned to be sympathetic, learned to empathize, and that, is just some of the perks of raising and keeping a pet.


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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