He Was Still Fertile at Age 75? After He’d Died, an Illegitimate Daughter Came Out to Claim Her Rights to His Inheritance

Let’s just see, how this CIRCUS SCENE works out in this family, shall we??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Back Then, the Woman He Was Having an Affair with Was Thirty, the Family, “He Wasn’t Capable Anymore”, and Refused the DNA Tests, the Judge Ruled that Paternity Was There.

Chen died about a year ago, left a huge sum of real estate, Chiu claimed that she had an affair with Chen six years ago, and had a daughter, and proved that Chen put up the money for her to raise her own young; the families believed that Chen was already seventy-five years-old, and was no longer fertile, “how can he father your child?”, but refused to give samples for the DNA test, the judge ruled that Chen was the father of the daughter of Chen, and that the mother and daughter have the right to shares of his assets.

Taoyuan District Court investigated, that Chiu and Chen dated for many years on end, six years ago, she’d given birth to a daughter, but because the parents considered how Chen was already married, the infant lived with her own mother. A little over a year ago, Chen died from illness, left multiple real estate properties behind, Chiu was able to provide proofs that Chen did provide for them, that he’d sent her money regularly, and a month before his death, he’d given her a million dollars, and other proofs too, proved that Chen did take care of his own illegitimate child. But Chen’s families denied the fact, and, in order to give her daughter a rightful father, she’d SUED the wife and children of Chen, asked the courts to determine the paternity rights of her daughter for them.

As the courts ruled on the matters, the judge looked over the photos of Chen, visiting his own daughter, as well as the checks he’d sent, and confirmed that he did, visit his own illegitimate daughter often, that they’d gone out as a family, that he was smiling when he’d held her, they were very close, and that the checks were written by him, and the friends also proved that the two were dating too.

It’d become a He-Said, She Said, the judge demanded that the DNA tests be administered, Chiu immediately agreed, but Chen’s wife and children refused. The judge believed, that the DNA test is the most precise, most important evidence in proving relations, but without just cause, the courts couldn’t mandate the tests, but based off of the civil laws, it usually won’t end well for the party that refused the tests. The judge used the evidences provided by Chiu, and stated that the paternity is true, that her daughter had the rights to the inheritance.

And we still don’t know for sure, if this woman’s daughter IS related to the deceased or not, but because the family members of the deceased refused to have their D.N.A. tested, and so, the judge ruled in favor of the woman with whom the elderly had had an affair with.


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