A Devoted Mother, No Matter How Busy She Was, She’d Still Set Time Aside to Accompany Her Sons in Their Studies

Here’s a mother, who puts in the time, no matter how busy her life is, to accompany her children, and she’d rightfully, deserved the awards! From the Newspapers, translated…

Lee, who grew up in a poverty-stricken background, lost her mother when she was very young, she was able to part-time her way to finish her middle school education and managed to test into a public office position, although she burned on both ends daily between home and work, she’d still insisted on spending three hours a day each and every day to sit with her sons to study, and now, her sons are all outstanding, she was voted as the Most Dedicated Mother this year.

新聞圖片the woman, with the award plaque, photo from the newspapers online…

Lee, who is seventy-eight said, that while she’d worked in Dar-Ren County, Taidong, her husband worked for the weather station, and was too busy to come home, and so, she was the one who’d accompanied them, and interacted with them. And, no matter how busy she became, she’d always set aside time to accompany her children in their studies, and her three children never needed her to worry, all received their master’s degrees.

She said, now, her eldest son works as a manager in a telecommunications company, her second son works as an owner of a construction firm, while her youngest daughter works as an office manager in Ren-Ai Elementary School, every one of them was able to contribute what s/he can in her/his job, and that, was what she felt most proud of.

After Lee retired, other than sharing the cooking skills at the elderly college, she’d also volunteered at Ren-Ai Elementary School, the Soil & Water Conservation Office, the Social Services Department to volunteer, and she’d also set up the Chi-Gong Foundation for the Golden Years, taught the elderly to do Chi-Gong for free “whenever there’s a need, I’m willing to give and share.”

So, this, is the story of a woman’s dedication to her cause, she’d raised up her three children on her own, and, instilled the good values in them, and her three children are outstanding because of their mother’s devotion and show of care and concerns toward them, and this woman is still very active in the community, even AFTER she’d retired.


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