A Master of Life

There are those, whom we can learn from, everywhere around us, translated…

I’d read about a scholar talking about the works of Ichiro Kishimi, I was reminded of Mei-Huei. She was the younger sister of my best friend, back when I was younger, I’d gone over to her house to play a lot, back then, we’d not paid any mind to Mei-Huei who was several years junior. But, with work and getting married, for many years on end, my best friend and I were, busying about in our separate lives, until we’d reached the age we could “spend more time on ourselves”, we’d gotten, reconnected again.

At which time, Mei-Huei was already a mother in her empty nest stages, and she’d come often, to our gatherings.

On a Sunday afternoon, Mei-Huei, who worked as a tiler got a day off, she’d come up to Taipei. That evening, we’d made our ways into a café in Zhongshan N. Road, watched the cars outside speeding off, along with the people who are, walking in the light drizzling rain. Mei-Huei started telling me about the times we’d spent apart, “I’d almost given up.” Mei-Huei took a sip of coffee, continued, “My father wanted me to pick the fruits from the farm, and borrowed a small pickup truck, for me to take the produce to the roadside in Jiuru in Kaohsiung to sell. That was the first time I’d driven, I didn’t know the way at all, but yet, I’d still………”, Mei-Huei made a pause, her lips were smiling, and so were her eyes, it was hard, for me, to see, that she was, describing a harder time in her life, instead, she’d looked like she was remembering something wonderful from the past.

窗外的雨沒有止歇,暗下來的天色打開了路燈,絮絮聊著的我倆,說說咖啡、甜點,隨意伸...from the papers…

The tan Mei-Huei had from working, made her looked even more down-to-earth. Her snow white teeth, became pauses in her story, and the glow from the light fixtures illuminated her so, I’d clicked the shutters in my mind, photographed her to my memories, so beautiful, my old friend, Mei-Huei.

Ichiro Kishimi wrote a series of Adlerian books, other than becoming best selling in Japan, it’d also gave the public some awareness about Adler, who’s not that well-known in the field of psychology. As the translated version came out in Taiwan, I’d bought one; and I believed, that what made this book a bestseller was how it’d contradicted the beliefs of Freud, to an almost opposition.

Mei-Huei who sat in the café didn’t know the Freudian beliefs of “subconscious” or “unconscious”, didn’t know the values of Adler’s “not focusing on finding the reasoning in the past”, not using ANY psychological beliefs, she’d used her mind on how she was going to sell more fruits. Her focus of life had, allowed her to see the purpose of her own life, with NO areas shaded or covered up; every time she’d hit a bump, she’d, worked hard, to get through it, and, as she’d looked back, she carried that joy, that blandness, of the masters.

The rain outside still fell down, and the skies that grew dark had, turned on the streetlamps, as we’d chatted on, we’d drifted from the main topics, talked about how the coffee, and the deserts were, and had, reached out, and touched things in our environments, checked out that large pane of window. Soon, Mei-Huei will return to her work, tiling again, and I, made up my mind, I’d already, met a master, and I may not need to read the works of Ichiro Kishimi again.

So, this just show you, how much MORE important experiences are, compared to those theories on books. From this meeting among friends, the narrator learned of the values that her friend carried, to help her through the times in her life, and, she’d realized, that there are, those who can offer sound advice, even IF they’re not highly-educated, because there’s a lesson everywhere, if only, you know, where to find it!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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