A Father Accompanied His Handicapped Son Through the Obstacle Course Set Up by the Nursing Homes

The love of this father, for his handicapped son, in accompanying him as he gets older, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Hsinbei Social Services Department took the advantage of the eve of Mother’s Day, hosted a competitive event in caretaking in the nursing home in Bali, the fathers of the children took up the roles of mothers, helped their children pass level after level of challenges and in competition, these super daddies worked hard, to calm their children down, it’d not only shown how much stamina these fathers had, but also brought out the difficulties the families endured through, caring for these handicapped children.

The director of the home, Hsieh stated, that with a handicapped child at home, the parents needed to carry the burdens of caretaking their whole lives, that Mother’s Day is around the corner, the fathers should empathize the hardships of mothers, and so, they’d asked the fathers of the residents to participate in the events.

The competitions were separated into categories: feeding, brushing teeth, moving around, and changing the diapers, four levels total, and although these fathers would take care of their children regularly, but as they’d shown up to the challenges, they’re still, fearful, worried, that with too much strength, they’d hurt their young.

“This is your favorite pudding, come, open up your mouth!”, Hsiao tried feeding his son, “Shin”, who has cerebral palsy some pudding, he was very gentle in his movements, and took a long time, to finish feeding him, he’d said, that the children with cerebral palsy are really sensitive, and would become wiggly, getting their teeth brushed, that it takes patience and love, to finish the process, that his child is already ill, that he couldn’t get loud from being impatient with his own son, “Nobody wants this condition to happen to her/him.”

八里愛心教養院辦照顧達人競賽,院生的父親們化身慈母,為孩子刷牙。 記者施鴻基/攝...photo from UDN.com…

The other fathers also attempted at brushing their children’s teeth, changing their diapers, and moving them around, in the processes, the fathers became out of breath, covered in sweat, and, most fathers, no matter how hard they’d worked, they couldn’t perform the tasks to perfection, the mother, the caretakers watching close by became more stressed out than they were, had tried to jump in and take over so many times.

The seventy-year-old Chen has three children with cerebral palsy, and, the couple couldn’t manage, caring for them, and when the children were eleven and thirteen, they’d sent them to the home to be looked after, they’d visited their young every week, yesterday, Chen fed his forty-two-year-old daughter, Ping, brushed her teeth, moved her from the wheelchair to the bed, and afterwards, his daughter hugged her father lightly, and, stated in a light voice, “Thank you”.

And that, makes ALL the hard work, more than worth it for all of these parents, as the children are all handicapped, and, caretaking is nothing easy, because there are, a TON of situations that the parents weren’t trained to cope with, and, this activity brought the parents AND the children closer together.


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