Shattering the Images of You, Being, THE Perfect Father

Sit your asses down, time for our “weekly” or, “monthly”, how the HELL would I know, when I had one of these last??? A.A. Meeting!

I’m, in DENIAL everybody…

Hi, in DENIAL!!!

what it looks like, NOT my photograph…

I need to believe, that I’m, a PERFECT father, that I NEVER did anything awful, to hurt my own flesh-and-blood, because I myself, WAS abused by my own FUCKING (and your point being???) parents, and yet, I’d still, played the “part” of a “fitting son”, as in the OLD (and OUTDATED!) texts, they’d ETCHED, into our minds, that we MUST, love and honor our parents, even if they ABUSED AND NEGLECTED us!

Shattering the images of you, being, THE, perfect father, but, how can I, be anything BUT perfect, if I’d done everything I ever could, to PROVIDE for my families? I’d given you (the kids!), EVERYTHING I NEVER had as a child, you think we got all those high-tech gadgets, those iPhone 7s (That, is the latest version, right???), those iPads, those name brand polo shirts (Burberry, London Fog, etc., etc., etc.), Fendi watches, perfumes, purses, etc., etc., etc. handed to us? Of course not, MY generation had to work hard, to get EVERYTHING (money, clothes, roof over our heads, blah, blah, blah!) we want AND need, and now, I’m providing ALL of the above items to you, my children, FREE of charge, and you’d become, estranged from me as adults? What INGRATES you are!

survivor of abuse 的圖片結果not my phootgraph…

Shattering the images of you, being THE perfect father, it’d become, NEXT to impossible, as you had, broken that PROMISE to “call me every single day, so we can have more chats like this” (you’ve GOT to be shittin’ me here, ‘cuz had I been, say, oh, twenty years younger, I would’ve waited by the phones, like a DUMBASS, and whenever it’d rung, I’d think that omg, daddy’s calling me, and every time it wasn’t, I’d get pulled down by disappointment, and that, will totally turn ME into BIPOLAR for sure!), and, I never heard from you, directly, since 2008, and, remind me again, what year is THIS? Oh, it’s now, 2017! And, you may make the excuse (b/c that, is what it is!) that oh, I ASSume (and that makes you into??? An ASShole, remember???) that you don’t want to hear from me, so, I’d, stopped calling you up!

And, the only thing that will shatter this M***ER F***ER’s (maxed out, remember???) images of “ooh, I’m a good daddy to MY “little girl”! Yeah, and tell me, what KIND of a “good” daddy ABUSED his own flesh-and-blood, cheated on HIS own ex-wife, and made his own firstborn daughter TAKE the fall for it, huh???

You are still, in denial, running, escaping the FACTS of your lives, and here they are, AGAIN, and GOD (still don’t exist!!!), I wish, that this is, the VERY last time I’d repeated this, but, having MY luck, uh, get real! You were, ABUSED and NEGLECTED by your parents, they were both, physically ABUSED (and how would I know, was I “around” when they were growin’ up? Of course not, but heck, I’d heard enough TALES from the CRYPT from when I was being “raised” in their god damn “Garden of Eden” (sarcasm here!).

And you, alongside that M***ER F***ING TRAILER TRASH, oh wait, I don’t think that LOSER has HIS daddy’s trailer anymore, last I “checked” (uh, get REAL here!!!), he “owned” a MOBILE home, both ABUSED me, and, on top of that (yes, there’s MORE!!!) my one, AND only daughter (thank heavens, “she” would’ve BEEN, an XX!), who should be EIGHT-years, TWO-months old by now (she should’ve been born in MARCH, don’t know the day, back in ’09!), and yet, where the F***, is this running around, active, chasing butterflies (yeah right), fighting with her OLDER brothers (I will “get” them both, eventually!) little girl of mine??? DEAD, and BURIED, LOST, from my LEFT fallopian tubes (and yeah, I still got my “set”, INTACT here!)!

And no, you’re still NOT, THE perfect father, you’re, a perfect DEADBEAT, that, is the only THING you’ll EVER be, “perfect” AT! And now, you will, be DESERTED (feel those abandonment issues surfacing soon???), by your own offspring, and, you still can’t BLAME us, for not fulfilling OUR filial piety duties, because, I am, an INGRATE, remember??? Uh, D-U-H!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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