Cherishing the Love

The metamorphosis of the love that’s between this aging couple, translated…

The person before me, with his face, frowning, reading the messages on his cell; his brows are mixed in with the grays, eyeglasses toward the lower nose ridges, ready to focus his eyes. His minced together lips, still as red, with the whitened whiskers exploding from around his lips, making me want to ask, “Why don’t you get a shave?”, but, I’d swallowed these words back down as they’d almost, come out………

In this afternoon, without our children around, the two of us, because of a coupon from a fast-food restaurant, we’d walked in the rain, one in front of the other from home, glad that there was, still, a box seat available, we’d sat down, then, I remembered, how just ten years ago, we’d taken our young son, sat in this same spot.

Back in the younger years, NOT my photo…

It’d been a long time, since it was only, the two of us, across from each other, there was, that hint of freshness, as that moment of awkward that passed. The shopping list I had inside of my purse became a conversation topic, not being able to carry anything too heavy, it’d always been my daughter who’d accompanied me to shop, and now, we’d, circled around, and return back to before, it’s just, the two of us, and we’re already, an aging couple.

These couple of years, we’d stopped feeling uneasy around one another, and let those words of anger flow halfway out of us, and even as I was really angry, I’d told him plainly, “I’m mad, because……”, and toward his nagging from time to time, I’d just, smiled on the inside, and let it go. Just like friends said, “We’re at that age, that we don’t feel like fighting anymore!”

After the ups and downs of life, the twenty years that’s passed seemed like yesterday; we’d become, the ones we can lean on to, and, the shared conversation topics include the children, and the T.V. programs. One evening I’d come home late from work, he got up to heat up the meals, and the way his backside looked, it’d made me forget how cold it was outside. Seeing how the pants he’d hung out to dry was loose at the leg, I’d patched it up for him, and that, was when I’d noticed, that the other leg was already, torn, and I’d felt bad about how he was so stingy toward himself when we were younger.

Now, as we are older…NOT my photo still…

I can’t even remember, what we’d fought loudly on from before, with our child’s hands in ours, we’re, growing old together, I now, cherish this love we had, come to share.

So, there’s this LACK of the passionate love from when the two of you were younger, and now, the two of you loved one another different, like family, and that, is how the progressions of love should be, because everything eventually calms back down, and, you would need MORE than passion, to make your marriage keep going…


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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