A Child Wrote a Letter to His Grandmother in English, Showing How Sad He Was, for Transferring Away

Showing gratitude on Mother’s Day, NOT just toward the mothers, but the ones who’d cared for these children in their daily living too, from the Newspapers, translated…

“I’m about to leave you, I will cry hard!”, the sixth grader, Ming (a false name) from Wenchang Elementary School in Yunlin drew the black and white carnation on a postcard. He’d disclosed, that because of family issues, he was about to move away from where he’d lived to go to school, but he felt awful for leaving his grandma who’d taken care of him for years on end, he’d written in English, which his grandma can’t read, to express how sorrowful he’d felt of leaving her. The school teacher felt bad about what he’s experiencing, “it’s a letter, with the passions.”

this was like the scene at the post office, except, with the children all rushing up to send their letters, NOT in an orderly fashion like this, photo from online…

The Wenchang Elementary School in Xiluo continued its Mother’s Day activities for three years on end, the principal, Liang took the students to the post office to send the letters that they’d written. In the one-thousand postcards, the students wrote about “eating” mostly, for instance, thanks to mom, for making the meals; about twenty-percent of students wrote to their grandmothers, which showed how the structures of families is changing. The school also made discoveries of how some of the students from broken families wrote messages of “Happy Mother’s Day”, and how some of the students wrote the words that made the adults cry.

The fifth grader, Ya (a false name) asked her homeroom instructor, “Do I need to write to my mom?”, because her parents divorced since many years ago, and her father took care of her like a mother would, to her, her dad WAS her mom; he’d written, “Dear Dad, thanks for buying me breakfasts every single day”, which showed the problems that families are facing.

Ming lived with his grandmother in her seventies for years on end, his grandmother worry that he might fall behind in school, put up the money for his cram school courses; and, when he fell ill, she’d looked after him very carefully, and Ming felt his grandmother’s love for him. But his father wanted to take him away to school, the family kept this from the grandmother, and, Ming felt bad about leaving her, and wrote in English, which his grandmother couldn’t read, “I’m about to leave you, and I will cry!”, and drew the black-and-white carnation on the postcard.

a letter to grandma, from online…letter to grandma 的圖片結果

So, in this simple project, the teachers and the school can get a better understanding of the children’s home situations, and, there are too many cross-generation families, with the grandparents raising up their own grandchildren, and, when the parents came, to take the kids away, the grandparents are left, all alone, back home, and, this, is just how the modern-day families are shifting.


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