I’d NEVER Hurt You Physically, How Can You Still Call Me “Abusive”???

Uh, hello, hello, are you, STUPID or somethin’??? And, don’t you know, that there are, “extra” kinds of abuse, other than the PHYSICAL and the SEXUAL kinds (or maybe, because you can see the scars on those broken bodies, that, is why they “counted”???)

I’d NEVER hurt you physically, how can you still call me “abusive”??? Besides, I’d done ALL that I possibly can, to give you, and your siblings a GOOD life, filled with ALL the material wealth I never got a chance of having growing up, heck, I’d even, SENT you both abroad for your studies, without ASKING anything in return, you INGRATE!

I’d never hurt you physically, how can you still call me “abusive”??? This, is the BIGGEST TRAP ever! Because only sexual AND physical “forms” (like his DEAD parents had, experienced???) leave that “MARK”, while the emotional (the kind his parents “gave” to him and me!!!), alongside the VERBAL forms, don’t show (not even a light bruise, like when you’d, bumped your knees against that hard concrete???).

I’d NEVER hurt you physically, how can you still call me “abusive”??? Well, perhaps, I was still just WAY too GOD DAMN sensitive (and boy oh boy, I wish, that I’m, totally, DULLED but I’m still N-O-T!!!) growing up, and, it still was NOT my fault, heck, if I HAD the choice (which I still never did!), I would choose, to be OBLIVIOUS and UNFEELING (with the LACK of emotional expressions, which might lead me to “gain” a brand “new” diagnosis of a personality disorder!!!!) about everything that’s happened to ME in my god DAMN F***ING (maxed out???) life.

I’d NEVER hurt you physically, how can you still call me abusive??? Note, to ALL MORONS (feel free to take a HUGE offense here!!!) out there, just because you don’t see the SCARS (like in physical AND sexual forms of ABUSE), that still doesn’t mean, that they (those HIDEOUS scars???) are NOT “present”, they may just be, buried, TOO deep, that you simply, NEGLECT to notice them!

And, for all of you who are “new” here, I was, NEVER beaten black AND blue, although I did, get SLAPPED (a HUGE HELL no!) by those god DAMN adult counterparts, for talking back (after H.S.), for standing UP for what I KNOW was right, oh, and those childhood years, of being SEXUALLY molested by HIS DEAD mother, so, I know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, and you don’t get to say ANYTHING about it.

I’d experienced EVERYTHING, and I’m still, LOUDER than ever, kicking AND screaming!!!


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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2 Responses to I’d NEVER Hurt You Physically, How Can You Still Call Me “Abusive”???

  1. speak766 says:

    Verbal and emotional abuse are absolutely devastating. As you say, the scars are not visible. But they are there and they can remain present for a very long time. You can never forget the cruel words someone says to you, especially when it’s someone you love. I hope you are free of this person now. Stay strong. Keep writing and keep speaking – speak766

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    • And, more often than not, the ones who’d said those awful things to us are our loved ones, which makes the betrayals even harder to take, and yes, i’d, pulled myself out already, thanks for your care and concern.

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