He’d Become Paranoid, Stabbed His Ex-Wife and Son to Death with a Pair of Sharpened Scissors

Tragedy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

They Were, Reunited Thirty Years After the Divorce, He’d Moved in with His Ex-Wife & Son This Year, the Wounds Were Very Deep on Both Victims, He’d Claimed that He Saw His Ex-Wife Come Out of His Own Son’s Room “It’s All Fate”

A man, Huang suspected that something was going on between his ex-wife and his own son, early yesterday morning, he was suspected of stabbing them both to death with scissors, and claimed, that he saw his ex-wife, coming out of his own son’s room, improperly dressed, and started arguing with her, got angered, that, was why he’d, stabbed her. The coroners and police examined, that there were, two to three stab wounds on both his ex-wife and son, and each of the stab wounds was fatal, there were stabs on his own son’s ribs, and groin, he’d used such extreme measures, to murder his family members. Last night, Huang was sent to Miaoli D.A.’s office on murder charges, and the D.A. asked the judge to get him in custody, which the judge allowed.

The police investigated, that the sixty-three-year-old Huang originally worked in a sofa factory, over thirty years ago, he and his wife divorced; his ex-wife took their son, moved and settled down in Miaoli, and worked in a construction site to raise him up. Three, to four years ago, Huang and his ex met back up, and started interacting, and would stay over at his ex-wife’s residence from time to time; because he wasn’t getting stable work, his ex suggested he could move in, and he had this February, and started working odds and ends jobs.

At around three in the morn yesterday, the neighbors heard loud banging from the walls along with the raucous against the steel doors, they’d found, that the father and son were fighting physically, and Huang was suspected of stabbing his own thirty-three-year-old son with something sharp.

The police and the paramedics arrived shortly, found Huang’s son, down, by the ditch fifteen meters away, with multiple stab wounds, and, a trail of blood, Huang’s fifty-nine-year-old ex-wife was found in the bed on the second floor, with stab wound on her neck, large blood splatter, after both mother and son were taken to the hospital, they both still died.

Huang was arrested as the police found him, sitting at home, the police found the murder weapon he’d used, and the bloody clothes, and, they’d reviewed the neighbor’s surveillance footage, found that during the physical altercation, the scissors got away, but after Huang picked it back up, he’d chased after his own son.

Huang claim, that he was, forced, to kill his own son! His son took his scissors from him, “If I don’t kill him, he would’ve killed me!”, but why his wife? He said, “The matter between a man and a woman is unclear, it’s all, fate!”

Huang told the police, that he kept suspecting his ex-wife having an affair with his son. From before, they’d shared the same bed, and, he saw how his ex-wife was in the showers, and his son walked in, and his ex-wife explained that he went in to brush his teeth, but he’d found suspicious tissue inside the trash by his ex-wife’s bed; but, he’d not seen his ex-wife and son behaved improperly toward one another.

Huang said, that at three in the morning yesterday, he’d found his wife out of her room, he thought she’d gone to the bathrooms, and waited for her for twenty minutes, she didn’t return; he’d opened up the bedroom doors, saw his wife in her lingerie, coming out of his son’s room, with her bra in her hand. He’d confronted her angrily, his ex-wife told him to stop being foolish, fisted him three times; he was angered by her, and ran downstairs, picked up a pair of scissors, his ex lay down to sleep, was ill-prepared, as he’d stabbed toward her neck.

He said, his son heard his wife holler for help, came in, and gotten into a brawl with him; he worried that his son will hurt him, he’d rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and dragged his son outside. His son tried to get the scissors from him, in the process, he did, slash his son, the two chased to the ditch opposite of the residence, which was how he was able to pin him down, and stab him, or that, was what he thought had, happened. He felt that he’d owed his son a lot, that for over a decade, he’d taken care of him, but, his son only followed the orders of his ex-wife, it’d made him angry.

Yeah, uh, this, is paranoia, getting the best of someone! His ex-wife took him in, and, this, was how he’d, repay her, stabbed her to death, because he suspected that she was having SEX with his own son? Maybe the wife was just heading in to the son’s room to see if he had his quilt covering him, because it’s getting cold, but, there’s still NO just cause for this man, to SUSPECT that his own wife was having SEX with his own son, that would be, INCEST, hello, hello, hello??? And, I’m pretty sure (then again, I still wouldn’t know!), that ANYBODY in her/his RIGHT state of mind, would steer away from that!


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