Conversations of Scars…

The scars covering up my body, they’d all started, in a formal meeting of sorts late one night…

That very first one on my wrist started: hi, I just want to say, that I’m not that happy, being here (on my body), but, as I was gnashed open by that craft knife, as the blood, trickled down, my “owner” (ME!) felt elated, and, she’d become, addicted, to this feeling of elation, and gave me, several members of my families AND friends (the other scars on my wrist???)!

not my photo…

Then came the one on my abdomen: I happened, late one night, when my “owner” (me still!!!) was asleep, and she must’ve had a horrible night terror (‘cuz I couldn’t recall the contents of the dream when I woke up!), and she’d started, grabbing at things that are sharpened around her, her pencil by her bed (b/c I write sometimes before bedtime???), and stabbed into her own body, and, after a series of times, I came about (that long, connected line of puncture wounds on my body???).

And, there was that circular one circa my uterus: I came about, after she’d been touched, time and time again, by her own grandmother, someone she’d, trusted since she was younger, and yet, that BITCH (and your point being???), abused her (mine???) trust, and, touched her inappropriately, and, although my “owner” (me!!!) didn’t have ANY recollection due to her short-term memory lapses (thank GOD for that, and no, god still had NOTHING to do with it!!!), but, when the memories all came flooding up, she felt compelled, to CARVE out her own uterus, but the knife (unfortunately, or should I say, thankfully!), wasn’t sharp enough, and that, was how I’d, come about!

not my photograph…

And now, me, in DENIAL (yeah right!!!): Back off, ALL of you, I was NEVER abused, sexually molested by anybody that should’ve loved me, but never did (‘cuz deep down, I knew the truth, I just wouldn’t, ADMIT to myself JUST yet???), I had a, happy family, with a mother, a father, his WHORE, his WHORE’s ILLEGIT, which she’d BEGGED his already DEAD mother to carry through full term and pop out………

And now, we all take our bows, and, the curtain, drops on ALL the “performers” of this DYSFUNCTIONAL family FREAK show, except for me, ‘cuz I’d already, made a DASH to the nearest EXIT!!! And next time, maybe, we’ll “cover” the EMOTIONAL scars, depending on whether or not I see F-I-T!

About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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