A Betrayal in Intubating? If Not Done, the Patient Would be in More Pain

To live, or to D-I-E, it’s, in someone else’s hands now! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The romance novelist, Chiung Yao, in the decisions of whether or not to intubate her husband who had a stroke, and is now demented, had conflicted with herself really hard from before.

There are, two kinds of intubating, mostly, it’d meant the endotracheal intubation, but her husband needed the nasal intubation.

the kind that allows the patients to breath…photo from online…

The feeding tubes are the most widely used way to keep life, and it’d only applied to patients who aren’t able to or are unfitting to have food intakes in from the mouth. But, most of the patients usually get used to the tubes, and it’s not to be compared, to the endotracheal intubation.

Some hoped that they can “live in glory, die well, without the tubes!”, but, those who’d refused to get the feeding tubes who’d died of starvation or thirst, it’s, the worst way to die, and, most of the family members wouldn’t have the heart, to do that to their loved ones.

In the case of the romance writer’s husband, the tubes for after he had a stroke, was for the sake of temporarily providing the nutrients he’d needed, and can be removed when he’d regained his abilities to swallow and to eat, that it’s not going to be for long-term. And, look on the other hand, if this intubation wasn’t done, then, the patient will starve to death bit, by bit, and, it’s a more torturous way to die.

The Hospice Law and the medical rules isn’t applied to the terminally ill, but, for those who are demented, it can keep them alive, for many years on end, and for the stroke patients, after the serious stages, in the time that came, the individuals wouldn’t die, so, these are not considered as “terminally ill”.

In the hospitals, there are cases of severely demented elderly who’d stopped responding to the outside world completely, but the families still wish to intubate, to keep on taking care of them. And these family members aren’t doing it for the sake of assets, nor is it for blind filial piety, but for the sake of seeing their parents still alive, they’d feel, better. People aren’t living for just themselves, but also, for those whom you loved and those who loved you as well.

and this, is the feeding tubes, photo from online…

Yeah, uh, but that’s still, INHUMANE, don’t you think??? I mean, even IF it’s a stroke patient, who’d stopped breathing and eating, by intubating the individual, you’re forcing her/his already ailing body, to be traumatized even further, and, how is that fitting, to put one’s own loved ones through such atrocities, if you really loved them, then, you should, just let them go, after all, prolonging life, but as the quality of life diminishes, then, what, is the purpose, huh???


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2 Responses to A Betrayal in Intubating? If Not Done, the Patient Would be in More Pain

  1. ig says:

    It’s very effortless to find out any matter on web as compared to books, as I found this piece of writing
    at this web page.


    • The web Is an easy place to find information, only that it may not be easy, to differentiate from fact to opinion, this one is someone’s own experience over watching someone she loves, getting intubated.


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