Verbal Sexual Harassment of His Female Subordinate, the Courts Mandated Him to Pay Her $100,000N.T.s

Because the definitions of sexual harassment include not only JUST in the physical sense anymore! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Yang who works as an office assistant in a university was displeased at how her superior, Huang told her, “the holidays are here, and you’re headed back to Taipei to satisfy your man now”, and the school also didn’t make the corrections of the use of the superior, Huang’s use of wording, the office assistant felt offended and sued. The Taichung District Court found Huang guilty, and that he and the school both needed to pay Yang $100,000N.T. each.

In 2012, Yang started working as an office assistance in a university in the middle strip of Taiwan, her husband works in Taipei, and they can only get together on the weekends and the holidays. On October 6th, 2013, Huang told her, “A holiday is coming up, are you going up, or, is he, headed down?”, afterwards, he’d smiled and told her, “to get satisfied”. On November 13 of the same year, he’d told her again, “A holiday’s coming up, are you headed up to Taipei, to console?”, and Yang felt uncomfortable after hearing, believed, that a normal husband and wife getting together shouldn’t be referred to such awful a way.

this constitutes as sexual harrassment!  Not my photograph…

In 2014, Yang filed a complaint to the Women and Children’s Unit of the city police, the Taichung City Council’s gender equality board, after reviewing the facts, believed that Huang was, sexually harassing her, and that the school didn’t follow the prevention of sexism laws, fined the school $100,000N.T.s, and Yang then filed a suit for damages toward Huang and the school.

Huang denied having harassed Yang, and the school stated that Huang never spoke of “consoling” to Yang either; but because there are testimonies from witnesses claiming that they’d heard Huang stated it two, three times to the judge.

The judge believed, that Huang had called Yang a “woman of console”, that it’d made her feel that she was sexually harassed, that it’d damaged her sense of dignity, that she was hurt, mandated Huang pay $100,000N.T. for the emotional distress he’d caused her.

While the school was Yang’s employer, and as they’d known about the complaints of sexual harassment, they’d not done anything to correct the matter, and didn’t do everything they can, to protect the rights of the employees, causing Yang to get trapped in this vicious cycle, that the school had broken the laws on gender equality in the workplace, that it’d needed to pay her $100,000N.T. as well.

this is the physical kind of harrassment, unlike in the news story, not my photo…

So, maybe this LOSER said what he said to the woman as a JOKE, but because she’d felt offended, and he’d called her that bad name again and again, and the school didn’t do anything to stop him from harassing her, that, is why the judge ruled that the school AND the man are both at fault.


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