The Things She’d Forced You to Eat

Opening UP your new life, to brand new experiences, and now, you realized, that you can’t, live without her, translated…

You Watched How She Still Kept Her Grace, as She’d Chowed Down on the Crabs, Thought, This Life, You’d Allowed Her to Force You to Try Something You’d Never Eaten Before. You Worried, that if You Don’t Eat with Her, She’d Be Lonely; You’re Even More Worried, on How without Her There, Urging You to Try This & That, You’d Feel, Lonely.

Every time she’d gone grocery shopping, she couldn’t help, but buy the local delicacies. This was due to how she grew up in Puli, and, she’d loved the assortment of foods she was given. You’d loved to eat too, just NOT as fixated as she had been. The children don’t like these items, so, in the end, you’d, ended up, eating the items with her. And, every time she saw you, taking away her portions of favorite foods, she’d always called you a “vulture”, “cry and tag-along”. But, she’d not understood, that you were, actually, solving the problems of having an excess amount of foods in the house for her. But, on food, whatever the family eats, she’d decided on. That, was the way it’d always been, since the two of you met.

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When you were working on your post-doctorate in Harvard, she was working on her master’s in Maryland. When you’d gone visit her, if it were the weekends, you’d always found a Chinese restaurant, for a Chinese-style breakfast. You’d instinctively gravitated toward the shops that served the traditional Taiwanese breakfasts of fried breadsticks and baked flatbreads, because you grew up in the country, and, those items are hard to come by for you, you’d treated the items like they were, delicacies; after you’d waken up on a lazy afternoon, you’d imagined the aromatic, filling soymilk and that fluffy baked cake, along with the friend batters, is there, a more meaningful thing, than this sort of expectation in life? Naturally, she’d gone with what you’d wanted, until one day, you were, taking her to your usual “weekend breakfast” again, she’d, blurted out, “What’s so special? It’s just batter, wrapped in batter, then deep-fried!”, and her way of describing the breakfast item was so unimaginative, something you’d never even heard before, you’d almost started, using the jargons of your field of study, “That’s just too reformist!”, but, you’d, bitten your tongue, instead, you’d played coy and asked her, “Then, what would you like to have?” She’d said, in a firm tone, “Go to Yumcha!”, that, was when it’d dawned on you, she, was from the south, loved seafoods. No, she’s not only loving seafoods, she loved the freshest, the raw kind!

Because, that, was during the period when you’d, pursued after her like crazy, so, you were, willing, to eat whatever she’d wanted to. The first time you had sashimi was in San Francisco. As she’d mentioned it, she’d politely asked you, “Are you sure you can manage?” Back then, you were, scared as hell, but she was, enjoying it very much, with that glow on her face, it was, something, you’d never seen, of all the women you’d come across. You’d not wanted to rain on her parade, and told her no problem. After the meal, from the start, when you felt that icy coldness down your spine, to finally, being able to, taste something, the process dragged on for what seemed to be a century for you, the only thing that helped you through the meal was, there was this glow from her, from when she’d eaten the foods she’d enjoyed, and maybe, this was related to, how we survived through time, but through her, it’d become, more than that.

After the two of you finished, and shortly after you’d exited the restaurant, you’d, tripped and fallen hard; don’t know who it was, that placed that iron ring you once played with as a child, you’d stepped on the rim closer to you, making it flip upwards, and tripped you. As she saw, she’d quickly, helped you up, kept asking if you were okay, and her tone of voice showed her extreme care and concerns toward you. At which time, you’d started feeling the pains and sores on your muscles, but, you’d not felt a bit angst. You knew, that you’d weathered through, TWO separate trials in one night, and still lived to see another day, it’d meant, that something wonderful’s coming your way.

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In the U.S., naturally, oysters raw can’t be, avoided, especially as you’d moved to New Orleans, it’s as, she’d, returned back home, she’d know her way, to the best seafood places (weird, that, was the very first time she arrived in New Orleans!”, and, she’d wanted to split that dozen of raw oysters with you at times. After she’d finished her half a dozen, she’d always looked unsatisfied, and so, every time you’d ordered the oysters, you’d wanted to tell her, “You can have all ten, even eleven if you wanted”, but, because you couldn’t get defeated by her, you’d always, swallowed your half. But you’d found out, that as the raw oysters are served fresh, they’re, NOT disgusting at all (it seems, you were, born in a rich family from a previous life!)

The first time she’d arrived to Cambridge to see you, you’d wanted to please her, so you’d taken her to the Quincy Marketplace in Boston, as she’d entered, she’d become a child who’d discovered Toys R Us, looked closely, at the varied kinds of seafoods. You’d worried then, that she might want something raw again, you’d wanted to share an idea, but, before you could, she’d blurted out, “Hey, how ‘bout some raw clams?” “Sure!”, without hesitations, you’d agreed. But, the textures of the raw clams differed from that of raw oysters, the oysters melt in your mouth, while the clams, they’d become, chewy, and in the end, you’d needed to tell her, “Can I…skip this?”, she’d started, grinning. But, this didn’t deter her from asking you out for seafoods, and each and every time, she’d ordered more and more, especially oysters. Perhaps, she’d realized, that after the two of you were wed, you’d, steered away from all these raw items, that eventually, she would, feel a bit lonely? But, to tell the truth, from the beginning when you were afraid of sashimi, to now, enjoying them, it’s all due to her pushing you to eat that very first bite.

Other than the raw seafoods, she’d also taken you, who’d only had fishes and shrimps, to many kinds of seafoods you’d never had before. Out of these, the most pleasing was the crabs. It wasn’t that you’d never seen crabs cooked, you just deemed it to be troubling to prepare. But because she’d studied in Maryland, and when you’d gone visit her, if it were the seasons of crab harvest, she’d needed to buy a huge casing of it. She’d bought the prepared-by-the-roadside varieties from time to time, sometimes, you two would pick up the live ones, then, steamed them in the rice cooker at home yourselves. As the two of you sat down, and started to enjoy the crabs, you’d gotten it all over your face, but you’d, lifted your heads, gazed at one another, and smiled, there was, that feel of the two of you, being married a long time.

Once, the snow had taken a bit of a break, you were driving on the ways, and all of a sudden, you’d discovered, that someone was selling cooked crabs, her eyes shone, gone outside, bought a dozen, then, the two of you found a place, surrounded by the trees, and, started eating. The lake in dusk, after the snows, there wasn’t anybody else, it was, very serene. Although the skies grew darker, but, there was that glow from the snow, reflecting. All of a sudden, you’d felt, that you two were here, for centuries already. You watched her, as she gracefully, took that crab apart, thought to yourself, this life, she’d kept forcing you to eat things you’d never eaten before. You’d worried, that if you don’t eat with her, she’ll be lonely; but you’d worried more, that if she’d not forced these foods on you, you would, feel lonely.

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So, this, is the nature of their relationship, the man felt that he’d needed to accompany this woman as she tried different food items (mainly seafoods!), that if he didn’t, then, she’d be all alone, and eating lonely, but the truth was, he was the one, needing her, because she’d opened up his life, to the new experiences, of trying various kinds of seafoods that he normally wouldn’t go for on his own!


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