A Twenty-Two-Year-Old Man Was Disowned by His Families for Drug Abuse, Returned Home to Commit Arson, and Killed His Own Grandmother Who’d Had a Stroke in the Fires

What had, set this man off was, because he’d abused drugs and his family kicked him out, and he’d come back home, to get back at them. From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-two-year-old man, Hsieh was sent to rehab for abusing illegal substances, he was just released fifteen days ago, yesterday he was suspected of committing arson, and escaping, causing his grandmother who had a stroke to die in the fires; as the Indonesian nurse’s aide got out of the fire, she’d pointed out, that it was Hsieh who’d set the fire, and the police immediately went to a Net Café to arrest him, although Hsieh denied his involvement, he was still charged with murder and public endangerment.

The fire happened at 4:30 in the morning yesterday, as the fire department arrived, the apartment was burning up, “Mimi”, the Indonesian nurse’s aide ran outside barefoot, hollered, “Grandma is still inside, save her please!”, but the fire was too strong, as the firefighters finally put out the flames and made their ways in, the seventy-eight-year-old elderly woman, Hsieh, had already been burned to death on her bed on the third floor.

Mimi told the police and the fire department, that “It was grandma’s grandson who’d set the fire, he went crazy, after he’d left, the fire started burning.” The police reviewed the surveillance, and found that five minutes after the fire started, Hsieh rode off on his motorcycle, plus the fire department investigations showed, that the point of origin of the fire was on the second floor, in his bedroom, and spread to the other rooms and the other floors, that there’s a high chance that it’s arson, they’d immediately started looking for him.

Early yesterday morning, the officers found Hsieh inside a net café at Ai-San Road, playing online games, they’d rushed over and arrested him; as Hsieh was taken in, he’d immediately denied having committed arson, stated, “I didn’t burn my grandmother to death”, as to why he’d left after he’d set the fires, he’d told the police he wanted to play online games. As the police showed him a photo of his grandmother, burned to black, Hsieh wasn’t the least bit emotional, said it wasn’t him.

The police investigated, that Hsieh was reported by his mother for abuse, and his mother was placed by the Social Services; that it was only him, his grandmother, and the Indonesian nurse’s aide, living together at home.

Last October, Hsieh was involved in an arson case in a community parking lot, and the police caught him with illegal substances, sent him into rehab, he’d just been released no more than fifteen days ago and went home; he’d become long-term unemployed, and would often ask for spending cash from his family, and if his family doesn’t give him the money, he’d started, vandalizing the objects, a while ago, he’d wrecked the offering table. A short while ago, the family held a meeting, and agreed to kick him out, but he’d insisted on squatting at home, and the family members suspected that that, was what made him angry, which caused him to start the fire.

And so, because this good-for-nothing kept abusing drugs and asking money from his family and his family finally decided to CUT him off for good, he’d carried a grudge, and set a fire to his home, and killed his grandmother who’s immobilized, and this man deserved to get punished VERY severely, for murdering his own family member, only because his family had, CUT him off…


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